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Wales Country Plan

From Open Government Pioneer Project
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Outcomes for the Network:

Outcome areas:

  • More engaging Government (including accessible, transparent data)
  • Citizens are more engaged in Government.
  • Citizens trust government more.
  • Empowering people to engage better with government.
  • Awareness/ understanding of what aspects of society get controlled by which layer of government.

Focus areas:

  • Sustainable Development Goals, in Wales: Wellbeing of Future Generations Goals
  • Equality
  • Open Data

Open Government Network Wales – Draft Action Plan

Work streams Activity When Leads
1.  Open Government Civil Society Network Wales established

·        Wellbeing Goals focus

·        Equalities focus

·        Open Data focus

·        Young people focus

Coalition of partners

Create action plan, distribute:
  • Partners (blogs, websites, social media)
  • landing page on WCVA
  • Open Gov website/wiki
June 17 WCVA
Internal training session in WCVA to ensure all officers/ networks are aware how Open Gov can work for their groups 27 June 17 WCVA, Involve
Mapping of expertise and connections regarding Open Government within the Network/ Wales June 17 WCVA- OGN
At Belfast Open Government Pioneers Conference: Ensure representation of under-represented communities/ civil society Feb 18
Link into networks re. equal opportunities to engage July 17 Equalities & Human Rights Coalition, WCVA, Co-Production Network...

Co-Production Network for Wales or Co-Production Practioners Network for Wales (?)

Tender for equalities work/events Aug 17 Open Government Network through WCVA
Publish good practice examples:

- engagement / participation in policy/service design

- what open data can achieve

Select several wellbeing goals for focus

Ongoing WCVA
Engagement & Involvement workshops

-        Public Sector (WG, LA)

WCVA link to civil society

ERS Cymru



Open data workshops/ webinars:

i.e. Stats Wales:

-Public sector

-Third sector

Training to third sector on :

1. Finding, manipulating and downloading data using the website.

2.  An explanation of open data and its       benefits.

3.  Accessing StatsWales open data directly using Microsoft Excel/PowerBI.

WCVA as link to civil society, promo and host webinar?

Led by Welsh Government – Stats Wales



ODI Cardiff Node (?)

Develop young people democracy/ data project? Bid in autumn 17 WCVA #IWILL network of ambassadors through external funding?

Link to NAW work on young people engagement

Develop Intro to Welsh Politics internal training module for WCVA inc Open Government section Mar 18 WCVA – JG & LR
2. Engage civil society in PSBs to co-produce wellbeing plans

-        Ensure Local Authority Buy-In for Open Government approaches

To achieve better quality/ efficiency in local services and public services to be more open

Wellbeing plans event July 2017 Office Future Generations Commissioner
Work around Disengaged Citizens Office Future Generations Commissioner


Open Government and Wellbeing Goals webinar Nov 17 Open Gov Network Wales
WAO – Good Practice Exchange
Community Voice work? Gofod3 March 18 CVCs
Co-pro events around collaboration between third sector and government Co-Pro Network Wales

Co-Production Network for Wales or Co-Production Practioners Network for Wales (?)

3. Civil society scrutiny on legislation - consultations Event/ webinar for third sector 'encouraging more contributions from civil society and academics into developing and scrutinising Government policy and legislation'.
  • How to respond
  • How to consult better
Ongoing National Assembly Wales , WG, WISERD
Alternative facilitation techniques for consultations WCVA Networks

Participation Cymru

4. Civil society input into Welsh Government commitments for Open Government Action Plan 2018-20 Crowdsource next Action plan commitments Launch at Eisteddfod August 17 (online platform)

FM to announce?

Welsh Government – via Digital Office
Network meeting to further build commitments on ideas Early Sept 17 WCVA, Welsh Government
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