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Securing the devolved civil society opengov networks

From Open Government Pioneer Project


The Open Government Networks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also known as the Open Government Civil Society Networks are open networks where anyone can join and participate in building the open government movement in their country. From 2016-2018, the capacity of these networks have been supported and resourced by the Big Lottery UK funded Open Government Pioneers Project UK. However, this capacity building initiative comes to an end in February 2019.

Building on the infrastructure and resources now available to the Open Government movement across the U.K. home nations, a number of partners have come together to propose a new initiative to take the network forward and broaden it out to more people and strengthen its influence in building capacity for citizens and civil society to use open government as a means to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Outcome: Well resourced independent civil society-led networks in Scotland, NI and Wales, building on the infrastructure set up by the opengovpioneers project, to maintain the network, forums and engagement with open government action plans.

Rationale: The BIG lottery funded Opengovpioneers project was designed to build the infrastructure, visibility and engagement with Open Government and using this to advance the SDGs. However, the BIG lottery was an accelerator project, and not designed for maintenance of the network. Funding ends 2018, therefore a new plan and delivery model and funding partner(s) is required to secure a sustainable network.

Approach: As part of the legacy work, the Opengovpioneers project team will host discussions with project partners on opportunities and interest in leading the next phase of the opengov movement, including a mini-summit on November 28th 2018.

Proposed model

We propose to continue with the Approach and ethos that informed the Open Government Pioneers UK project.

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