Rethinking health and care

From Open Government Pioneer Project

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Scotland needs a whole-system approach to health and social care.

This is because many public services and community supports interact within a wider system to achieve a healthy, fairer Scotland. We need to assess not only the parts of the system that are delivered or ‘owned’ by the Scottish Government but broader community-based support, self-directed support and the role of organisations that people set up to deliver solutions that prevent people reaching the stage of acute needs.

The Sustainable Development Goals and National Outcomes reflect well the various elements of this eco-system and provide a good starting point to broaden the scope of health and social care interventions. As part of this, third sector has a key role to play in delivering a human rights-based approach to increasing participation, securing transparency and enhancing accountability of health and care in Scotland.

Analysis[edit | edit source]