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Northern Ireland Plan

From Open Government Pioneer Project
NI OGN Steering Committee Reporting Pioneer project updates to NIOGN Steering Committee every 6 weeks from Nov 16 Ongoing
Appoint Pioneer Coordinator Appointed Nov 16 Complete
Project Board Teleconference Monthly from Feb 16 Ongoing
Delivery Board Teleconference Every 2 weeks from Nov 16-April 17. Monthly thereafter Ongoing
Project Planning Creation of NI Country Plan (Nov 16-Feb 17) Ongoing
Strategy Day March 2017 Complete
SDGs Presentation to Local Gov 22nd March 2017 Complete
Pushing Boundaries Seminar Series (UU) 8th February 2017 Complete
Webinar 1: OG and the SDGs 10th May 2017 Complete
EQ 1: SDG Democracy Games with Special Schools 19th May 2017 Complete
Open Policy Making and Democracy (QUB) 12th May 2017 Complete
Webinar 2: the SDGs in the UK 21st June 2017 In development
EQ 2 Democracy Games with Duke of Ed. September 2017 In development
Webinar 3: Access to Clean Energy (Christian Aid?) October 2017 In development
Local SDG Showcase Event? November 2017 In development
Webinar 4: Theme TBC December 2017 In development
Conference March 2017 In development
Webinar 5: Theme TBC May 2017 In development
EQ 3: Theme and audience TBC June 2017 In development
EQ 4 Theme and audience TBC July 2017 In development
Pioneer Web Page Created on OGN website January 2017 Complete
Website and Forum Updates Ongoing from Jan 2017 Ongoing
Press Release December 2017 Complete/Ongoing
Scoping and Testing Webinar & Streaming Platforms and Tech. Feb-March 2017 Complete
Event Promotion and Flyers Undertaken prior to all events Ongoing
Social media promotion Ongoing from November 2017 Ongoing
Blogs Bi monthly blogs from December 2016 Ongoing
Policy: PFG & Community Plan Input PFG December 2016, Community Plans Jan-April 2016 Complete
Input to SDG Implementation Plan In tandem with government Ongoing
Meetings with local and central gov officials As opportunities arise Ongoing
MLA engagement (invite to events and webinars) As opportunities arise Ongoing
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