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Open Government Meet-ups in Scotland

Campaign Plan August 2017 – April 2018


Provide the opportunity for local citizens to come together to discuss, plan and take action on issues of importance to them.


Many people feel powerless and dissatisfied with how decisions are made at local, national and international government level. Citizens have so much information and connectivity at our fingertips, yet seem to be excluded from many decision making processes which can have a large impact on their lives.


The campaign has five main goals:

  • encourage more meet-ups to take place across Scotland
  • ensure equality groups are well represented and integral to the meet-ups
  • promote greater autonomy and ownership of groups
  • make process of establishing a meet-up group easier
  • record and track the development and activity of meet-up groups


  • Connect with and support organisers of already planned meet-ups
  • Determine current status of meet-ups
  • Develop both a campaigns plan and a comms plan
  • Identify and contact equalities groups
  • Create and upload plain language meet-up guide to encourage participation and local leadership
  • Encourage participants to blog and share their experiences via social media


Equality Groups

The following groups will be asked to participate:

  • Young Scot
  • Inclusion Scotland
  • Young Women’s Movement
  • Glasgow Disability Alliance
  • Stonewall Scotland
  • Engender
  • Health and Social Care Alliance
  • Scottish Refugee Council
  • SAMH
  • Scottish Council on Deafness
  • Poverty Truth Commission
  • Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC)


The project aims to work with equality groups representing women, young people, black and minority ethnic communities, refugees, disabled people, people in poverty and LGBTI groups.


There is approximately £3,000 available to assist participation. Venues with free meeting spaces will be encouraged.

Planned timeline of key events

2017-18 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Review current status of meet-ups X
Campaign plan X
SCVO comms plan X
Plain language meet-ups guide X
Advertise for local meet-ups X X X X X
Contact equalities groups X X X
Review progress – number, location, content of meet-ups X X
Final Report X X

Activities Log

Date Action Status Deadline Lead Outcome
Aug 2017 Understand current status of meet-ups Review completed AY
Aug - Dec 2017 Dundee meet-ups - 2 held SO Group forming
Sep 2017 Write campaign plan Draft for comment AY
Discuss plan with comms team Comms to draft a plan for meet-ups SL
Write plain English guide to meet-ups Draft nearly ready 26/9/17 AY
Sep - Nov 2017 Contact with equalities groups 14 contacted so far, following up with interested groups AY
Sep 2017 Advertise for meet-ups Regular adverts in PON and bulletins, regular twitter posts AY
Nov 2017 YWM event postponed RB liaising with YWM RB
Nov 2017 Inclusion Scotland report received Awaiting blogs from IS and YS AY
Dec 2017 Glasgow meet-up held AY Comments from SCoD on Open Govt
Meet-ups review AY

Current Status of Open Government meet-ups

Useful content has been uploaded to the meet-ups website, detailing what the Open Government project is all about. An organisers template is needed to encourage more local leadership. A group has met twice so far in Dundee and plans to keep forming (coordinated by Sheghley). One-off meet-ups have occurred in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife, with Ruth coordinating one with the Young Women’s Movement in Glasgow.

Equality events held with Young Scot, Inclusion Scotland and CEMVO means pre-existing contact should yield future meet-ups

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