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Welcome to the Open Government Pioneer Project![edit | edit source]

Do you believe in a more open government?

  • Here we will develop shared proposals and ideas for strengthening civil society's influence on opening up governments at the UK's devolved nation levels to progress towards sustainable development goals
  • You can immediately start working on developing this wiki, whenever you want. No need to register or sign in, unless you want your ideas to be attributed to you.

This project is being led by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Northern Ireland Environment Link, Wales Council for Voluntary Action and Involve UK.

Our ambition is to open up the process through which our governments progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our plan is to build up the networks of civil society and activists in each UK home nation so they are better able to use open government approaches to secure progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We want you to directly shape these plans by adding your ideas and content to this Wiki. It will be the basis for our approach to funding partners and other supporters, and become the programme of activity for the project.

Get involved now[edit | edit source]

How to get involved:

Simply, start editing this wiki - click the edit link above (no wiki experience required)

Please be bold and use this site to write in your ideas on the following:

How to get involved with others:

  • Join the Open Government UK community with its forums for each nation, and details of meet ups and events.
  • Dig directly into local meetup opportunities or start your own with our support at our page
  • See Miraheze FAQ if you want to get more technical with this Wiki.

Dig in to the Action plans for each nation:

Who is behind this site?[edit | edit source]

The site has been set up by Ruchir Shah, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Email me at

SCVO is working with Northern Ireland Environment Link, Involve UK and the Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

Find out more about the core partners and our planned governance arrangements for this initiative.