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Background[edit | edit source]

We are a group of individuals from different sectors of society that have come together to create the space for a more positive approach to humanity and the planet. We are calling this a 2nd Enlightenment Movement. To enable us to work together to produce a combined greater effect to support an inclusive reform. Reform for a better more positive and loving world in all the different areas of society.

Definition[edit | edit source]

When we consider the 1st Enlightenment it was a reaction to the different areas of society not working any more. It brought together people from different areas of society to rethink the systems and processes that society functioned through. Some reactions to spur changes for reform at that time where education, workers' rights, economical approach and so forth.

Why now?

It is clear by witnessing today's political, social, economical and more, are again, just not working. Therefore, it is greatly needed to once again review the systems and processes that society function through. For example, the tone of public discussion is showing toxic elements, people are concerned and even fearing the future and therefore blaming the unfamiliarity.

What does the 2nd Enlightenment mean?

To create spaces that are imagined to be something better for all, through co-creation in an approach to leave no one behind. Sparked by the opportunities by the Sustainable Development Goals but also not to be constrained by it. To reform the different areas of society for a loving, thriving, collaborative better world where every voice is respected with dignity and is heard.

Reaction against…… It is also the hope that when people work together, when all voices are heard, when everyone can reflect, listen, then changes can be made that will meet the needs of people and planet.

Guiding Principles

Collaborative (vs competitive), inclusive, transparent, sharing, open, respectful, proactive, active, (please feel free to add).

Reading List[edit | edit source]

Author Title Brief Description
Jamie Cook, RSA Scotland Jamie Cooke: Scotland is on the brink of a new Scottish Enlightenment "Scotland can create a new philosophical revolution to rival the achievements of David Hume, Adam Smith and others during the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century..."
Dorothea Christiana 2nd Enlightenment Blog Follow the 2nd Enlightenment movement through Dorothea's lens.
Otto Scharmer Otto Scharmer, A Second Enlightenment in the Making? Seven Stories From the Front Lines Observations / snapshots, describing how different areas, including Scotland, have gathered to explore new ways of harnessing technology, business, economics, education and environmental sustainability. "From ego-systems to eco-systems"