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England/UK Country Plan

From Open Government Pioneer Project

The next National Action Plan (NAP) is due in July 2018. The following is a draft plan for the Open Government Network over the next 14 months to ensure we have enough time to collect ideas and co-create with government. It has 3 main stages; Open Government fact sheets/101s; an ideas creation/crowdsourcing stage; and a co-creation stage. This plan is a working document, and will be added to as this work continues.

Description Milestones Key challenges When
Open Government 101s Framed around the Sustainable Development Goals, these sheets would provide; information on the value that Open Government will bring to achieving the goals; the current state of play, including the rights and reforms currently available, and; a case study which highlights the ways in which these reforms are useful and some of areas that still need reform. We propose initially selecting 5 SDGs, with the the network voting to select them. The OGN event in June should provide an opportunity to engage with CSOs that may have relevant experience or case studies that will inform the 101s.
  • Poll to select 5 SDGs opened in May
  • Network input on drafting of content starts in June
  • Drafts of initial content presented/ready by OGN event in eary July
  • Final drafts, including case studies, launched at OGN conference in September
  • Collecting case studies which can ground the work of the OGN in ‘real-life’ experience. This may involve outreach to organisations not currently involved in the network, who work in some of the areas selected
  • Avoiding reproduction of already available materials
  • Pitching language to avoid SDG or OGN specific focus
May 2017 - September 2017
Ideas Creation Ideas crowd sourcing will be launched in September at the OGN conference. This will, in a similar fashion to the previous NAP, encourage contributions from across the Network, and wider civil society, to gather ideas that will inform the commitments taken forward for NAP4. This will include online engagement and a series of workshops and events across the UK.
  • Crowdsourcing launched at OGN conference in September 2017
  • Crowdsourcing closed, and ideas collated, by January 2018
  • Open Gov’t Manifesto (or similar) launched, by early February 2018
  • Ensuring we hear from a diverse group of relevant experts
  • A relatively tight timeline
September 2017 - February 2018
Co-creation with Government The Open Government Manifesto will be taken to government as we begin the process of co-creating the next commitments. There will be a series of events and workshops as part of this process.
  • Start of co-creation process in January 2018
  • Co-creation finalised by June 2018
  • NAP4 released in July 2018
  • Ensuring process follows the OGP’s co-creation standards as closely as possible
  • Building relationships with the right people in Gov’t to facilitate effective co-creation
  • A crowded legislative agenda
  • Less high-level political support for the OGP’s principles than previously
January 2018 - June 2018
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