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Aims and outcomes

From Open Government Pioneer Project

Project name: Open Government Pioneers

Overall aim

  • Open up the process through which government and civil society jointly works towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the UK


  1. Empowered engaged citizens, leveraging their knowledge of SDGs.
  2. Political representatives have greater awareness of SDGs and types of actions required.
  3. Government officials have a better plan for involving citizens.
  4. Open government seen as instrumental, and a common good towards progressing SDGs.

By focusing on:

  • Securing government actions and commitments at the UK nation level (i.e. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
  • Using the SDGs as a shared framework for progress
  • Mobilising civil society and citizens in open governance reform and sustainable development

Project streams

  • Developing the capacity of civil society to influence reforms in pursuit of open government and sustainable development
  • Developing the capacity of government to open up policy processes in pursuit of open government and sustainable development
  • Developing engagement between civil society and governments, in order to improve governance and sustainable development within the UK nations
  • Developing learning on what works in opening up government for civil society activists across the UK, and internationally

Primary outputs

  • Substantially increased and broadened memberships of the Open Government Networks for each nation
  • Campaigns and meet ups in each nation to connect civil society participants in the open government movements
  • Government commitments, via the production of Open Government Action Plans, that relate to a range of SDGs
  • Open and inclusive Open Government Networks, with well developed governance and terms of reference, in each nation
  • Conferences and learning webinars, at national, UK and international levels engaging other pioneers
  • Evaluation and monitoring outputs tracking the development of the movement
  • Online tools for collaboration within and between the nations, including:
    • Open Government Pioneers Wiki - a collaborative space for planning OGP interventions and actions
    • Development of digital platforms for engaging civil society in developing open government approaches to the SDGs
    • Open Government UK website: Policy blogs, articles and consultation responses from project partners to major government actions / developments against SDG framework
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