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Project name Open Government Pioneers

Overall aim

  • Open up the process through which government and civil society jointly works towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the UK

By focusing on:

  • Securing government actions and commitments at the UK nation level (i.e. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
  • Using the SDGs as a shared framework for progress
  • Mobilising civil society and citizens in open governance reform and sustainable development

Project streams

  • Developing the capacity of civil society to influence reforms in pursuit of open government and sustainable development
  • Developing the capacity of government to open up policy processes in pursuit of open government and sustainable development
  • Developing engagement between civil society and governments, in order to improve governance and sustainable development within the UK nations
  • Developing learning on what works in opening up government for civil society activists across the UK, and internationally

Primary outputs

  • Substantially increased and broadened memberships of the Open Government Networks for each nation
  • Campaigns and meet ups in each nation to connect civil society participants in the open government movements
  • Government commitments, via the production of Open Government Action Plans, that relate to a range of SDGs
  • Open and inclusive Open Government Networks, with well developed governance and terms of reference, in each nation
  • Conferences and learning webinars, at national, UK and international levels engaging other pioneers
  • Evaluation and monitoring outputs tracking the development of the movement
  • Online tools for collaboration within and between the nations, including:
    • Open Government Pioneers Wiki - a collaborative space for planning OGP interventions and actions
    • Development of digital platforms for engaging civil society in developing open government approaches to the SDGs
    • Open Government UK website: Policy blogs, articles and consultation responses from project partners to major government actions / developments against SDG framework