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From Open Government Pioneer Project

The project is organised into three activity streams:

  • Developing capacity of civil society to influence open government
  • Developing learning on what works in opening up government for civil society activists across the UK, and internationally
  • Developing engagement between civil society and governments, in order to improve effective governance within the UK nations

List of activities

This table is a wishlist of activities. Some of these activities are now funded, some are not.

Activities now funded are scheduled in the Home nation timeline for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England/UK and/or the Activity#overall project schedule

Stream Action What will this achieve? How will this progress Sustainable Development Goals? Focus in Scotland Focus in Wales Focus in Northern Ireland Focus in England
Capacity Conferences at devolved nation level - hosting Strengthen the civil society networks operating at devolved nation level Provide greater visibility to the SDGs at UK home nation levels Annual network conference at SCVO's 'Gathering' event held in Feb in Glasgow and domestic publicity Annual network conference at Wales flagship 'gofod3' held in March and domestic publicity Annual network conference in Belfast and domestic publicity Annual network conference in London and publicity
Capacity Conferences at UK level - hosting Share and inspire reflection on how different approaches to open government compare across the nations Provide greater visibility to the SDGs across UK home nations and at UK level Delegation to UK conference and publicity Delegation to UK conference and publicity Hosting UK conference and publicity Delegation to UK conference and publicity
Capacity Conferences at international level - participation and contribution Provide reflection on how different approaches to open government compare between UK home nations and other countries Provide greater awareness and visibility of civil society action to progress the SDGs within the UK home nations to international audiences Focus on civil society activists in the pioneer cohort Networking and contribution to debates Networking and contribution to debates Networking and contribution to debates
Capacity Governance development, meetings and communication Strong, democratic and transparent leadership of the civil society movements in each nation Ensure legitimacy and trust in the ambitions of the SDGs to bring greater civil society partnership (SDG 16) to government activity. Build basic governance of network Build basic governance of network Maintain governance arrangements Maintain governance arrangements
Capacity Administration, development and coordination of network memberships Broaden, strengthen and connect people who want to participate in opening up government Goal 16 specifically aims to build more democratic, open and engaged government institutions Increasing the number and range of people on the Open Government Scotland network Establishing an open government civil society network in Wales (first meeting November 2016 (staff); launch December 2016, another meeting June 2017 plus 2 more meetings in 2017/1

Convene the network through the project period (staff)

Increasing the number and range of people in the UK Open Government Network - specifically expanding to social outcomes focused civil society organisations
Capacity Preparation of up to date online guidance and directory of tools More take up for collaborating between citizens on open government if they can more easily access the tools they need Build digital capacity for civil society networks around Open Government approaches to SDGs Critical analysis of tools and approaches used by Scottish Government to date 1 x practice to policy paper for UK network audiences
Learning International learning webinars Build awareness and capacity of civil society to see their engagement with governments in context by sharing and learning with countries with very different politics and traditions. Build networks and dialogue around individual goals Participation by Scottish network Participation by UK network
Learning Preparation of international 'what works' briefings Capture the best ways of using open government approaches to progress towards SDGs but in a way which can be understood across countries. Contribute to the international evidence bank available to all countries signed up to the SDGs to help shape future action. Contribution from Scottish network and commissioned analyses based on Scottish case studies Contribution from experience and practice of UK network
Learning Fostering learning across international pioneers' civil society partners Make best use of the energy and focus brought to the 15 localities around the world that are part of the OGP Subnational Pioneer programme, to act as a spur for greater international collaboration around open government approaches to the SDGs. Build networks and dialogue around individual goals Focus on civil society activists in the pioneer cohort Support for online forum provided to Pioneer cohort members
Learning Piloting and support of international digital platforms with relevant partners Better understanding and insight into which digital tools and approaches foster the best collaboration across countries on open government approaches to development goals and why. Contribute to the international evidence bank of digital approaches available to all countries signed up to the SDGs to help shape future action. Participation, testing and feedback in practice Use of digital platforms for mobilising, engaging and coordinating UK network
Engagement Coordination and preparation of civil society input to national action plans Ensure action plans at devolved nation level in the UK have meaningful and substantial input from civil society, and are not produced by government in isolation. SDG 17 is about partnership for the goals. This will ensure partnership between governments and civil society, not just between governments. Pioneer level action plan for Scotland Wales contribution to UK action plan NI contribution to UK action plan Coordination of England-specific elements of UK national plan
Engagement Consultation responses to government and parliament on SDG themes Using the SDG themes will provide a framework which facilitates learning from other UK home nations and internationally to enhance contributions from civil society to government policy domestically in each nation. Using the SDG framework will allow civil society to make government progress or shortcomings on domestic policy more visible internationally. SDG 3 on Health and health inequalities

SDG 4 education

SDG 16 opening up government institutions, and SDG 17 partnerships for the goals

Integrate open government into the work that WCVA and Electoral Reform Society are undertaking around the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (which reflect the SDGs). Focus on SDG 16 opening up government institutions, and SDG 17 partnerships for the goals. Focus on SDG 16 opening up government institutions, and SDG 17 partnerships for the goals, and how open government mechanisms can contribute to other SDGs
Engagement Policy seminars and webinars for network High quality focused discussions to develop policy ideas around open government approaches to specific government policy agendas. Better understanding of how the broad and loosely defined SDGs can be best applied to policy at the sub-nation state level. Programme of policy seminars on key Scottish Government public policy interventions that progress or regress SDGs Seminar on open government at WCVA and CVC joint regional events in autumn 2018

Webinar: how open is government in Wales compared to elsewhere in the UK and internationally?

Two webinars per year on themes applicable to full UK network audiences One webinar for England-specific SDG policy for network members
Engagement Policy website - repository for briefings, blogs and analysis Capture the latest thinking, evidence, concerns and successes from civil society in using open government approaches to delivery development goals. Contribute to the international evidence bank available to all countries signed up to the SDGs to help shape future action. Contribution of blogs, articles and analysis from Scottish network based on Scottish experiences Monthly blog posts on Open Government for and from Wales network Monthly blog posts on Open Government for and from NI network Monthly blog posts on Open Government for and from UK network
Engagement Mapping of open government interventions to Sustainable Development Goals at devolved nation levels Serve as a literature review and provide guidance to planning open government initiatives in the UK home nations that help progress SDGs domestically. Better understanding of how open government might accelerate progress towards goals in an inclusive manner SDG 3 on Health and health inequalities

SDG 4 education

SDG 16 opening up government institutions, and SDG 17 partnerships for the goals

Focus on the Third Sector Scheme (including regular meetings between the sector and Cabinet Secretaries of the Welsh Government); the Future Generations Commissioner’s project exploring how to involve the civil society in delivering the Wellbeing Goals Focus on SDG 16 opening up government institutions, and SDG 17 partnerships for the goals. Will also explore application to other SDGs. Working with civil society and government partners to secure open government commitments related to SDGs beyond goal 16
Engagement Crowdsourcing / open policy platform development Test and learn what works in getting the optimal level and quality of input from citizens in shaping their governments progress towards SDGs. Contribute to the international evidence bank of digital approaches available to all countries signed up to the SDGs to help shape future action. Developing new platforms but learning from existing attempts made e.g. conversations on Fairer.Scot and Participation in and promotion of open policy digital platforms to Wales civil society Participation in and promotion of open policy digital platforms to NI civil society Technical support for project digital platform development
Engagement Web-based government budget information portal More open and accessible data for citizens to inform their participation in public policy planning and greater transparency in government budget allocations. Evidence shows that budget transparency, monitoring, and accountability can contribute significantly to better development outcomes.[1] Building on Scotland Performs, Scottish Government[2]
Engagement Participatory budgeting exercises focused on national government budgets Greater direct citizen participation in government budgets will increase trust and confidence in government programmes, build awareness of trade-offs faced in public policy planning and depoliticise elements of the budget. Evidence shows that budget transparency, monitoring, and accountability can contribute significantly to better development outcomes.[1] Based on Scottish Budget and learning from more local participatory budgeting approaches

Enhanced equalities module activities

Stream Action What will this achieve? How will this progress Sustainable Development Goals? Focus in Scotland Focus in Wales Focus in Northern Ireland Focus in England
Capacity Accessible digital platform development enhancements

Two platforms

Enhancements to the three digital platforms planned for this project to make them accessible to people with barriers to involvement in policy making Ensuring a much wider group of citizens have the capacity to engage in civil society-led platforms to bring open government approaches to progressing the SDGs Support work to develop enhancements for digital platforms with platform providers Inform work to develop enhancements for digital platforms with platform providers

Coordinating welsh translation of key Wales project outputs

Inform work to develop enhancements for digital platforms with platform providers Lead work to develop enhancements for digital platforms with platform providers
Learning Outreach events to specific equalities groups

Three events in each nation

Build understanding and engagement on how best to support people with barriers to involvement in policy making to engage with open government approaches to SDGs Contribute to the international evidence bank of ensuring accessibility in  approaches available to all countries signed up to the SDGs to help shape future action. Three citizen engagement events in partnership with equality networks: ethnic minorities, disabilities, young people and poverty Three events in partnership with equality networks:

Coordinating welsh translation of key Wales project outputs

Three events in partnership with equality networks: Three events in partnership with equality networks:
Learning Formal equalities impact assessment (EIA)

One report

Build understanding and engagement on how best to support people with barriers to involvement in policy making to engage with open government approaches to SDGs Contribute to the international evidence bank of ensuring accessibility in  approaches available to all countries signed up to the SDGs to help shape future action. Commissioning of EIA through independent external partner for UK home nations

Contributing and supporting EIA

Contributing and supporting EIA

Coordinating welsh translation of key Wales project outputs

Contributing and supporting EIA Contributing and supporting EIA
Engagement Travel bursaries for financially excluded groups: One UK conference

Webinar interpreters and BSL signers for selected events:

Eight webinars

Open up the core events proactively to groups often excluded by these events to ensure wider participation in the open government civil society  movement to progress SDGs Ensuring a much wider group of citizens can engage in civil society-led platforms to bring open government approaches to progressing the SDGs Coordinating accessibility for two webinars

One with domestic Scotland focus and one with international subnational pioneer programme focus

Coordinating accessibility for one webinar with domestic Wales focus

Coordinating welsh translation of key Wales project outputs

Coordinating travel bursaries for UK conference

Coordinating accessibility for four webinars

One with domestic NI focus. Three with UK-wide focus

Coordinating accessibility for one webinar with domestic England focus
Engagement Easy read and alternative language versions of key documents, promotional material and associated accessibility checks / advice Ensure that project core documents and briefings are accessible to groups often excluded by these documents to ensure wider participation in the open government civil society  movement to progress SDGs Ensuring a much wider group of citizens can engage in civil society-led platforms to bring open government approaches to progressing the SDGs Coordinating accessible documentation for the  OGP action plans and SDG briefings / responses Coordinating accessible documentation for the  OGP action plans and SDG briefings / responses

Coordinating welsh translation of key Wales project outputs

Coordinating accessible documentation for the UK conference outputs

Coordinating accessible documentation for the  OGP action plans and SDG briefings / responses

Coordinating accessible documentation for the  OGP action plans and SDG briefings / responses

Overall project schedule

Num Project milestones Start Date Completion Date Operational developments to note
Inception and Setup Sprint 01 November 2016 05 February 2017
0.1 Revisions and resubmissions of original budget and overall plans to address Big Lottery Fund conditions of award Nov Nov
0.2 Preparation and negotiation of grant agreements between SCVO and core partners Nov Nov
0.3 Setup of digital platforms (Sharepoint and UK project forums) and Project Delivery Group for core partner communications and project monitoring Nov Nov
0.4 Preparation, agreement and media release of Press Release for project Nov Dec Agreed shared text and quotes press released to media in each UK Home Nation.
0.5 Finalisation of grant agreement between SCVO and Big Lottery Fund Nov Jan Signed grant agreements turned around by Jan
0.6 Preparation and delivery of Paris OGP 2016 Conference workshop and delegation Nov Dec Full delegation of core partners from each home nation
0.7 Recruitment and delivery of first meeting of Project Board including agreement of terms of conditions Dec Jan Project Board agreed to publish minutes of meetings openly and use Project's Sharepoint platform for communication
0.8 Series of one to one meetings with key stakeholders and potential future funding partners to introduce the project Nov Feb
0.9 Call to UK OGN forums for potential project delivery partners to register their interest openly on the Wiki. As part of this open commissioning approach piloted to secure equality trainer for team away day Jan Feb 51 project partners achieved.

Open commissioning approach brings comments from potential delivery partners to improve equality training brief.

1 Home Nations Engagement Sprint 06 February 2017 29 June 2017
1.1 All team members in place 01 January 2017 31st January 2017 Delayed start from original plan of Jan
1.2 New team members to catch-up with project 06 February 2017 08 March 2017 Team away day in London for project orienteering and equalities training
1.3 National events in each UK home nation (e.g. Gathering in Scotland, Gofod), meet-ups/seminars 20 February 2017 20 April 2017
1.4 Initial engagement with open government plans and SDG plans at home nation level 15 March 2017 29th June 2017
1.5 Develop pioneer project plans/timelines at home nation level 06 March 2017 02 April 2017
1.6 Set-up of digital platforms needed for project in each home nation 22 February 2017 1st June 2017 SDG digital platform development will in the first instance be developed for Scotland ( which can later be mirrored for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each of these sites will be distinct but interlinked.
1.7 Equalities events at home nation level 15 April 2017 29 June 2017 Formal feedback from equalities partner organisations from these events will be used to prepare a paper outlining requirements for equality proofing all the Pioneer project's activities, and sharing lessons on how best to secure engagement for people with additional barriers to using opengov approaches towards SDGs.

Scottish Government have offered to help us review the accessibility of the project's various digital platforms. This is now underway. If required, we will also commission a formal accessibility review of the platforms.

2 Digital Platform Sprint June 2017 29 September 2017
2.1 Digital Platform Engagement launch, Scotland 01 June 2017 30 June 2017
2.2 Digital Platform set-up in other home nations 14 June 2017 23 July 2017
2.3 Digital Platform Campaign/Engagement launch, other home nations 22 July 2017 20 August 2017
3 International Engagement Sprint 01 August 2017 29 September 2017
4.1 Focus on engagement with Pioneer civil society cohort 01 August 2017 29 September 2017
4.2 International webinars with Pioneer civil society cohort 01 August 2017 29 September 2017
4.3 Digital platform development and outreach for international learning 01 August 2017 29 September 2017
4 Activity sprint on UK-wide learning 01 July 2017 01 February 2018
5.1 National events in each UK home nation (e.g. Gathering in Scotland, Gofod) 29 September 2017 27 November 2017
5.2 UK Conference (Led by Northern Ireland wih input from Scotland) (inc. early planning 01 July 2017 01 February 2018
5.3 Meet-ups/conferences/seminars at home nation level 29 September 2017 01 February 2018
5 Review and appraisal 01 January 2018 14 February 2018
6.1 Preparation of written briefings and reflective seminars, focus on sharing what works 01 January 2018 14 February 2018
6.2 Next steps re Conference outputs (to inform second half of project) 01 February 2018 14 February 2018
6.3 Delivery Team Review Session and planning 01 February 2018 07 February 2018
6.4 Recruitment of independent evaluation partners 01 February 2018 07 February 2018
6 Activity sprint within nations 01 March 2018 29 May 2018
7.1 National events in each UK home nation (e.g. Gathering in Scotland, Gofod) 01 March 2018 29 May 2018
7.2 Engagement with detailed action plans at home nation level 01 March 2018 29 May 2018
7.3 Meet-ups/conferences/seminars at home nation level 01 March 2018 29 May 2018
7 Activity sprint on international learning 01 June 2018 30 July 2018
8.1 International webinars with Pioneer civil society cohort 01 June 2018 30 July 2018
8.2 01 June 2018 30 July 2018
8.3 01 June 2018 30 July 2018
8 Legacy planning 01 August 2018 30 August 2018
9.1 Report from evaluation partners published 01 August 2018 30 August 2018
9.2 Review and reflection on evaluation 01 August 2018 30 August 2018
9.3 Project legacy proposals published 01 August 2018 30 August 2018
9 Activity sprint on UK-wide learning 01 September 2018 30 October 2018
10.1 National events in each UK home nation 01 September 2018 30 October 2018
10.2 Action planning for next stage of project 01 September 2018 30 October 2018
10.3 01 September 2018 30 October 2018
10.4 Meet-ups/conferences/seminars at home nation level 01 September 2018 30 October 2018

Project delivery report

Quarter Scotland Northern Ireland Wales England
Nov 2016
  • Operational delivery: Project budget, activities and cash flow projections updated in liaison with core partners to reflect BLF grant offer and requirements (as different to application).
  • Project output: Articles for Scottish Policy Now (Nov 16) on Why Open Government matters in Scotland.
  • Project development: Setup of digital platforms for project communication - Sharepoint, UK OGN forums, Wiki pages updated to reflect project funded status.
  • Operational delivery: Setup of grant agreements between SCVO and BLF UK and between SCVO and core partners.
  • Project development: Discussions with Scotland Malawi Partnership (around globalgoals platform), British Council, Carnegie UK, IDEAS network, Scottish Community Development Centre, Electoral Reform Society,, MySociety, EHRC, NESTA, BLF, Inclusion Scotland, CEMVO, Poverty Truth Commission, YoungScot and Represent to discuss partnerships (including funding partnerships).
  • Project output: Workshop on #dividedsocieties at Paris OGP16 with NIEL, Demsoc and OGP International Steering Group support
  • Project output: Wiki updated with Scotland action plan page linked to SDGs
  • Project output: Presentations to IDEAS AGM, Management Development Network Scotland AGM and Learning for Sustainability Scotland AGM
  • Project output: Meetings x2 with Scottish Government OGP group to tee them up for citizen engagement around SDG themes.
  • Project output: Launch of @opengovscot twitter account and building its social media presence
  • Operational delivery: Initial mock-up of digital platform, Livestream and pro trial accounts established - Testing of Livestreaming from Paris (74 visits by 09/01/2017).
  • Project output: Launch of Opengovernment Pioneers hub and 'chapter' groups set up in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Cardiff
  • Project output: Workshop at Paris OGP16 with SCVO. The NIEL Programme for Government response included a section dedicated to the SDG's
  • Project output: Summary of the SDG’s section in the OECD report summarised and sent to government officials (01.02.17).
  • Operational delivery: Advert included in the Open University International Development e-bulletin
  • Project development: Meeting with Michael McCallion (DAERA) 19.01.17, Jim Kitchen (Sustainable NI) 23.01.17, Peter Ramsey (BITC) 25.01.17, Eileen Chu (Equality Commissioner) and Kerry Melville (BFN) (24.01.17), Frances Morton (OU) 19.01.17/06.03.17,
  • Operational delivery: Contact database created
  • Project development: Scoping meeting with NI Assembly Outreach Team and Grassroots Challenge reps regarding fun democracy day events in May and Sept.
  • Project development: Tele conference with Michael Ewing of Coalition 2030 regarding SDG progress in Ireland
  • Project development: Draft event schedule created and speaker for first webinar confirmed
  • Project development: Agenda for SDGs and Health event drafted
Operational delivery: Budget agreed, Grant agreement with SCVO finalised. Recruitment process initiated.
  • Operational delivery: Budget agreed, Grant agreement with SCVO finalised. Recruitment process initiated.
  • Operational delivery: Set up of CISCO Webex platform for project board and delivery group meetings.
  • Operational delivery: Content of UK Open Government Network website revised to fit with Open Government Pioneers Project. Creation of landing page, about us section, and distinct identities for UK home nations.
  • Operational delivery: Set up of Open Government Pioneers project forums and associated admin arrangements
  • Project development: Wiki content updated to ensure context of Pioneers project, SDGs and Open Government movement, Open Government UK network are all distinct and clear.
Feb 2017
  • Operational delivery: Scotland coordinator Paul Bradley recruited in December and joined in early February
  • Operational delivery: Digital platform rights to use resources and support secured. Delivery partnership with Scotland Malawi Project established. Exploring open approach to website - APIs and integration with OGP, UK SSD and Learning for Sustainability resources.
  • Operational delivery: New staff attended various introductory meetings with Scottish Government, project partners and prospective project partners to get a feel for progress to date and next steps.
  • Project output: Wrote initial blogs on why open government matters to the third sector and open budgeting, also shared on international Open Government Partnership site to international peers in OGP. Also SCVO guest blog from Head of Policy, Alzheimer Scotland on opening up local government.
  • Project development: Initial conversation/debrief (on invitation) with the Independent Reporting Mechanism consultant appointed by the OGP to review Scotland National Action Plan.
  • Project output: Attended and contributed to UKSSD SDG conference - good pick up of our contribution and strong interest in Scottish developments.
  • Project output: Organised and held two open government events at the Gathering on 23rd and 24th February. The Gathering 2017 provided an opportunity for people working in the third sector to understand more about open government and how it relates to their work. TFN livestreamed those events we held on open government.
  • Project development: Joined IDEAS working group on their strand of work in schools to stage a series of major events directly geared towards young people and increasing their participation in local and global change (linked to SDGs and Erasmus application).
  • Project output: Trial events held in Edinburgh and Glasgow (limited attendance but supporting to inform approach.) 
  • Project output: A number of the Open Government forum’s members met to discuss civil society engagement around open government in Scotland, and to share thoughts on where we go next in developing Scotland’s Civil Society Open Government Network. (6/4/2017)
  • Operational delivery: An open planning page was developed (11/04/2017) that draws on the discussions at the meeting with proposed phases and next steps to establish Network, based on OGP Support Unit guidance. Deadline for feedback from forum has now passed. Next step will be to update forum with proposals w/c 22nd May.
  • Project output: Seminar held with Ulster University Pushing Boundaries Seminar Series. An overview of OG developments and the SDGs  08.02.17
  • Project development: Attendance at UK SSD Conference (01.03.17) and Science and the SDGs event (21.02.16)
  • Project development: Meetings with Dave Thomas (CADA) and Stephen Jones (CNI) 24.02.17, Jonna Monaghan (BHC) 07.03.17
  • Operational delivery: Participation in Pioneers Strategy Day (02.03.17)
  • Operational delivery: SDG web page created on NI OG Network website (25.02.17)
  • Project output: Presentation to Local Gov Sustainability Officers (22.03.17)
  • Project output: SDGs included in response to local government Community Plans
  • Operational delivery: Webinar hosting tech chosen (Go To Meeting)
  • Project development: First Webinar flyer created and circulated across all communications channels and contact database 26.04.17
  • Operational delivery: Wales Coordinator Jetske Germing recruited and joined in late February
  • Project output: Launch at major 3rd sector event gofod3
  • Project development: Engagement of key stakeholders to shape Wales project.
  • Project output: Blog written & shared
  • Operational delivery: Participation in Pioneers Strategy Day & equalities trg (02.03.17)
  • Project output: Set up page for Wales OGN
  • Project output: Twitter @opengovcymru engagement w key stakeholders. Increased to 104 followers by 30/3/17
  • Project development: engagement of Welsh Gov, Nat Assembly Wales, ex-Future Generations Commisioner, Elec Reform Society on gofod3 launch panel.
  • Project development: During gofod3 connected with third sector & gov groups incl Cynnal Cymru, WAO Good Practice; Co-Production Network Wales; Future Gen Commissioner; Y Lab/Nesta; John Drummond; Chief Digital Officer Wales; Peter Davies (ex Future Gen Commissioner)
  • Project development: Meetings with: Esko Reinikainen, ODI; Participation Cymru; Environet Cymru; Office of Chief Digital Officer Welsh Gov; Electoral Reform Society; Future Gen Commissioners Office
  • Operational delivery: Contact database created
  • Project development: Nat Assembly Wales (NAW) evidence research briefing attended with academia & third sector. Invited to Assembly Members Research Seminar in May.
  • Project development: Invite out for OGN meeting 27.4 Agenda drafted
  • Project development: Partner conversation: EnvironetCymru
  • Project development: Meetings with UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) to discuss partnership opportunities
  • Project output: Session ran at UKSSD Annual Conference on involving the public in the SDGs (01/03/2017)
  • Project development: Steering committee strategy meeting held to review next steps for the UK OGN (15/03/2017)
  • Project output: Steering Committee meeting with UK Government Points of Contact on OGP (22/03/2017)
  • Operational delivery: New England/UK coordinator in post Matt Harriott recruited and joined in early April
  • Meeting scheduled with Chris Skidmore (Minister for the Constitution)
  • Project development: Met with Chris Skidmore MP, the Minister for the constitution to discuss progress on current NAP3 commitments. Relationship will continue.
  • Project development: Explored prospect of producing 'Open Government 101s' which are structured around SDGs (5 to begin with). These will engage with stakeholders to establish the current state of play, thereby highlighting room for improvement. Looking to publish by September event in Edinburgh. This will feed into a the ideas creation process for NAP4, allowing for a thematic/SDG focussed conversation around what future commitments could look like, before we enter co-creation with gov't phase in early 2018.
May 2017
  • Operational delivery: A full project timeline was developed alongside a structure for the delivery of the project in Scotland. A communications plan was also developed to sit alongside this. The wiki was updated to bring it in line with how the project looks and feels post-application in order to use the Wiki for open planning of all future activities in Scotland 
  • Project output: Launch of Scottish Data Partnership to host network and discussions around open data 57 members. 08/05/2017. Open online meeting hosted to build on forum conversations around Scotland's data sharing agenda - discussions fed back to forum. 
  • Project output: Open Government Partnership 'Extended steering group' between civil society and Scottish Government 09/05/2017 focusing on extending engagement in OGP to society
  • Project output: Presentation about this project to the Scottish Public Information Forum on request at their relaunch meeting on 12/05/2017.
  • Project development: Worked with Scotland Malawi Partnership to build understanding of current SDG movement and met core stakeholders for first time to pick up post-2015 movement that had somewhat fizzled out. 
  • Project output: New SDG coalition of partners set up. The group is independent of the project and determines its own work/direction. We have agreed to support the group to operate by facilitating management and administrative support of the group but at no point leading it and the role of chair will rotate. Planning in early stages of this coalition is being hosted by us on the Wiki and a forum has been set up. Group will meet monthly and is growing.
  • Project development: Linking up with Dr Alec Wersun of Glasgow Caledonian University who is working jointly with UNGC Network UK and PRME UKI to look at role of business in delivering the SDGs in Scotland. Potential to consider links between civil society and business in shared agenda.
  • Project development: Partner conversations with BLF, Inclusion Scotland, CEMVO and YoungScot to progress equalities activities.
  • Project development: Partner conversations with Scottish Government National Performance team around SDGs, East Lothian Council on open government. 
  • Project development: Partner conversations with Jefferson Centre for democracy - on international webinar presentation on deliberative democracy & SDGs, Open Knowledge Foundation - SUII Knowledge Exchange proposal: Data (and) Democracy
  • Project development: Work ongoing with development of the website, which will be the national platform for SDGs, sharing info about the SDGs delivery in Scotland and linking to other sites and resources. Work will continue through to late May with coalition of partners feeding in. Site structure is now complete and the next sprint will involve coordinating more content for the site including an engagement plan.
  • Project output: Our partners at Scotland Malawi Partnership have secured cross-party support in Parliament for implementing the SDGs at home and overseas, and videos of 96 MSPs including the party leaders committing to the goals will feature on the site.
  • Project development: CEMVO and the Pioneers Project are hosting an event on 24th May with CEMVO members to introduce the Open Government Pioneers Project and explore what the sustainable development goals would look like in practice. Groups will explore the practical barriers and identify steps to achieve the sustainable development goals. 40 CEMVO members who work with different ethnic minority communities will be attending the event. 
  • Project development: Planning with Inclusion Scotland an event to take place on 29th June. Inclusion to discuss with their project management and report back in late May.
  • Project development: Planning with Young Scot to deliver an event as part of the Pioneers Project. Young Scot have presented a thorough proposal using a co-design approach, with young people involved from the outset. This will require further funding outwith the Big Lottery Funding, and we will be hosting a session with young people to explore the area and build evidence for further work.
  • Project development: An Erasmus funding bid for the project ‘Youth Voice in Open Democracy’ has been submitted in partnership with Young Scot, Project Scotland and The International Development Education Association of Scotland (IDEAS). We will hear whether we have been successful by the end of August 2017.
  • Project Output: Joint equalities event with Inclusion Scotland and disabled people in Perth on SDGs and opengov (July)
  • Project development: New Scottish Institutional Transparency initiative involving facilitating the space for members to share intelligence, write joint letters and plan approach to FOI and transparency of Scottish institutions via Wiki (July)
  • Project output: First webinar held 10.05.17 with Craig Matasick (OECD) 51 people registered and 29 participants.
  • Project output: Audio and video recordings posted across communications platforms 11.05.17
  • Project output: Grassroots Democracy Games with Special Schools (Disability) 19.05.17
  • Project output: Open policy making presentation to QUB Democracy event 12.05.17
  • Project development: Website updated listing upcoming events 04.05.17
  • Project development: Telephone call with Michael McCallion 18.04.17– no progress from government and little prospect of any imminent progress until Executive is restored.
  • Project development: NICVA manifesto event parked until Executive re-established and clearer Ministerial direction on the SDGs.
  • Project development: Skype Call with Craig Matasick (OECD) 24.04.17
  • Project development: Eamonn Dunaghy (Age Sector Platform) 26.04.17 regarding engagement with older people. Information sent to Eamonn for circulation in ASP e-bulletin.
  • Project development: Nicola Hughes (Sustainable NI) 11.05.17 meeting to discuss future engagement with local government.
  • Project development: Meeting with Grassroots Challenge team in advance of event 11.04.17
  • Project development: Meeting with grassroots team to consider Grassroots Democracy Games with Duke of Edinburgh (Youth) and possible SDG contribution to a major Youth Empowerment event 09.05.17
  • Project development: Contact with second webinar contributor, Dr Graham Long, and date confirmed for 21st June 2017.
  • Project output: SDG themed Democracy Games event held with NI Grassroots (Special Schools)
  • Project development: Attended CADA AGM 24.05.17 - Pioneer project raised and synergies discussed. Link with Center for Global Ed SDG 4.7
  • Project output: WOGN Meeting discussing priorities and partner opportunities
  • Project development: Linking into Equalities and Human Rights Coalition Wales and Diverse Cymru
  • Project development: Linking into #IWILL project and youth engagement
  • Project development: Partner conversations: Future Gen Commisioners Office, WWF, Volunteering Wales; #Iwill ambassador network of young people
  • Project development: meeting with ERS Cymru discussing partnership
  • Project output: WCVA has now signed up to Open Gov Asks for GE2017
  • Project output: Contributed to Great Repeal Bill consultation
  • Project output: Co-Production Network Wales meeting
  • Project ouput: input into National Engagement Proposal
  • Project output: Attended workshop, facilitated by Transparency International UK, on the government's consultation on a public overseas beneficial ownership register
  • Project output: Consultation response submitted to The Law Commission's proposal 'Protection of Official Data', which proposed changes to the Official Secret's Act.
  • Project output: Open Government Network submitted a letter to the leaders of each of the main Political Parties, calling for a series of commitments to furthering and embedding open government reforms.
  • Project output: Network polled to establish which of the SDGs will form the basis of the first 5 Open Government 101 resource sheets
  • Project development: Crowdsourcing of ideas for the agenda of an Open Government workshop - to be held in July - focused on scoping the challenges and opportunities that face the open government agenda over the course of the next UK parliament.
June 2017
  • Project Output: Event with Inclusion Scotland – the event let disabled people know about the opportunities that are becoming available as a result of Open Government, particularly on community empowerment and participatory budgeting. It will explored what the barriers are for disabled people to get involved, and, learning from Inclusion Scotland’s Highlands project, what we can do to remove these barriers.
  • Project Output: Meeting of the Sustainable Development Goals Network – to discuss plans for the crowdsourcing site, the Knowledge Hub platform to host the network and opportunities for organisations and people to engage with the SDGs.
  • Project Output: Meeting of the Open Government Network – to review government’s progress to date and discuss what is needed from civil society to ensure meaningful progress and collaboration. To approve next steps with the Democratic Society around civil society and citizen engagement. Prep work with DemSoc to establish next steps and clear plan for their involvement.
  • Project Output: A number of meetings and presentations on open government and the Sustainable Development Goals, including all SCVO staff day, Improvement Service, Unicef, Alliance, TSIs, Policy Officers Network, UK Research Councils, private sector SDG roadshow.
  • Project Development: Continued support and input into IDEAS Youth Advocates series. 
  • Project Development: Webinar flyer created and circulated 01.06.17
  • Project output: Collaboration with QUB Centre for Global Education to live stream/video SDG Goal 4.7 event on 14.06.17
  • Project Development: Event videos edited and posted across OG Comms channels
  • Project output: Grassroots event blog published and posted 02.06.17
  • Project output: Scope NI article published on the SDGs 02.06.17
  • Project output: Dr Graham Long webinar 20th June - The SDGs in the UK – Priorities, processes and participation -  35 participants 
  • Project Development: attended Exchanging ideas seminar NAW Growing and Diversifying Civil Society in Wales
  • Project Development: linked into Communities Voice projects - speaking at conference in Sept.
  • Project Output: Staff seminar on Open Gov
  • Project Output: Staff seminar on Open Gov
  • Project Development: Coordination of UK Independent Reporting Mechanism responses
  • Project Output: Development of Open Government and SDG Resources, covering Goal 3, Goal 5, Goal 8, Goal 11 and Goal 16
  • Project Development: Project meetings with WCVA
July 2017
  • Project Development: OGP Workshop: attended OGP workshop in Washington DC, home of the Open Government Partnership, to share implementation successes and challenges, build collaboration, and provide input into the future design of the Pioneer Program with fellow OGP Pioneers.
  • Project Output: SDG Network: First face-to-face meeting of Scotland’s newly formed SDG Network that the Pioneer Project is facilitating. Useful interactive session to understand challenges and opportunities for the Network to feed into comms/engagement plans to be collectively drawn up by Network.
  • Project Development: Network mapping: Engagement with DemSoc for support and advice on understanding how networks can be used to extend and support drafting of the next National Action Plan, as well as wider use of Networks such as SDG network.
  • Project Development: UK Conference: planning begins for project conference. Initial delivery group and project board meetings on conference. 
  • Operational delivery: SharePoint: New metrics dashboard to monitor analytics across project that will be updated at the end of each month, including all previous and upcoming engagements. 
  • Project Development: contributed to Local Gov/ Community Council engagement Working Together in Communities event w PLANED, One Voice Wales & Working Together for Stronger Pembrokeshire with Health Board, PAVS (CVC).
  • Project Development: Input into local development of PSB
  • Project Development: linked into Communities Voice projects - speaking at conference in Sept
  • Project output - dedicated Open Gov page on WCVA website under Policy & Projects
  • Project Output: OGN event: The way forward: openness and accountability in the next Parliament
  • Project Development: 2016-18 Open Government Action Plan implementation meeting and coordination
  • Project Output: Development of Open Government and SDG Resources, covering Goal 3, Goal 5, Goal 8, Goal 11 and Goal 16
August 2017
  • Operational delivery: OGN Scot Website: the Network's website has undergone a revamp with lots more information and an improved structured.
  • Project Output: Twitter: ran a mini twitter campaign on 17th August to promote and explain what's happening with open government in Scotland. Resulted in 40 new followers and good engagement. 
  • Project Output: Network Bulletin: template created and first bulletin circulated on 21st August. To be circulated monthly.
  • Project Output: In the hot seats & Network Encounters: set up to better connect and introduce open government network members to one another, as well as specific topic issues of interest.
  • Operational delivery: Global Goals sites: These have been handed over to coordinators in each nation. Calum is working on some of the glitches but generally all fine.
  • Project Development: Meetups: YWCA are working with Ruth to plan for series of meet-ups around the SDGs and open government. Will be using this as a template for engagement with other equalities partners.
  • Project Development: SDG Network: Series of SDG network meetings set up for the autumn and planning to hold a workshop in Aberdeen with the support of Aberdeen University.
  • Project Output: Supporting delivery of Gaia Education's SDG Workshop: Booked in to hold at Hayweight on 26th September. Interactive and participatory workshop invites participants to engage in progressive conversations about the local relevance of the SDGs based on SDGs Community Implementation Flashcards.
  • Project Development: Youth voice in open democracy Erasmus+ programme: submission for key action 3 Structured Dialogue: Meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth application, went to independent Evaluation Committee, and our project has been placed on the reserve list. 
  • Project Output: Supporting the delivery of Scotland’s Global Goals Jam with Edinburgh Living Lab, which will run from the evening of Friday 15 September through the weekend of 16–17 September. The jam will take a hackathon format for developing, designing and testing prototype solutions to challenges in the following areas: poverty, hunger, health, education and sustainable cities and communities.
  • Project development: NI Global Goals Website accessed.  Website content drafted and layout in development. 
  • Project development: Meeting with Belfast Food Network to discuss Equality event on food poverty 08.08.17
  • Project development: Democracy and the SDGs themed Grassroots event designed for delivery at the end of September
  • Project output: Meeting with Michael McCallion (DAERA) to discuss NI SDG progress and NI government input to Pioneer conference 31.08.17 
  • Project output: Pioneer conference discussion document posted on wiki and input sought form project delivery board, project partners and other selected stakeholders
  • Project output: Partner ERS Cymru to represent Wales on OGN UK
  • Project output: 6 month blog of Wales network by coordinator
  • Project output: part of missing voices project w ERS Cymru
  • Project Development: participating in PB plan with Welsh Gov
  • Project Development: collaborating with Head of Local Gov Partnerships WG.
  • Project Development: linked w/ digi engagement officer House of Commons/ ERS Cymru
  • Operational delivery: start Tender process for Three Equalities partners to deliver engagement + events
  • Project Development: linking to SD Alliance and Environet Cymru to develop GlobalGoals site/input
  • Project Output: Development of Open Government and SDG Resources, covering Goal 3, Goal 5, Goal 8, Goal 11 and Goal 16
  • Project Development: Meeting with UKSSD to discuss SDG process and partnerships
  • Project Development: Process planning for OGP action plan
  • Project Development: Crowdsourcing platform scoping
  • Operational delivery: Recruitment of new Network Lead (starting October 2017)
  • Operational delivery: Recruitment of new Project Officer
September 2017 to December 2017
  • Project output: supported running of Edinburgh Global Goals Jam in September and funded marketing to bring in participants.
  • Project output: successful and well attended SDG training took place in September. Planning to hold second session in early 2018.
  • Project development: Sponsorship of "Mobilising youth action: perspectives from the youth & third sectors" agreed for the Gathering (led by Wood Foundation)
  • Project development: Second proposal Youth voice in a Sustainable democracy, Erasmus+ programme, went to British Council Evaluation Committee, and this project has also been placed on the reserve list replacing the previous submission. Again this involved collaboration with various youth organisations as partners.
  • Project development: Following meetings with UKSSD, all three co-chairs of UKSSD have joined Scotland's SDG network to link in with devolved concerns as UK SDG action plan is developed.
  • Operational delivery: Independent evaluation consultant recruited through open tendering process, innovating open approaches to commissioning.
  • Operational delivery: Full project budget position analysed and discussed by Project Board. UK Conference budget and spending priorities finalised and allocated.
  • Project development: Agreed sponsorship and co-organisers of "Are you a young citizen advocate for change?" event taking place at the Gathering as part of the Youth Citizens Advocates Series in Scotland with partner IDEAS.
  • Project development: Continue to sit on Youth Citizens Advocates series steering group, which works to deliver events with young people and schools on youth participation and the SDGs.
  • Project output: worked with Scotland's SDG Network to design network engagement plan, mobilisation mapping and set up monthly network meetings for 2018.
  • Project output: Scotland's SDG Network's blog series 'Scotland's Goals' launched in October, with contributions so far from Shelter Scotland, The Poverty Alliance, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Nourish Scotland and Engender via SCVO site and
  • Project output: Redesign of site to capture more ways to get involved. Blog series, open letter and publishing third party content led to significant increase in new users of site from 427 (May-Aug 2017) to 1036 (Sept-Dec 2017) .
  • Project output: Scotland's Open Government Network's 6 'in the hot seat' series, 16 'know your network' profiles and increased blog outputs have increased traffic to Scottish content on network site by 1008 page hits (Jan - June 2017) to 3176 page hits (Aug - Dec 2017).
  • Project output: Coordinated Scotland's Open Government Network's input into the Open Government Partnership's independent evaluation of Scotland's 2017 Open Government Action Plan, including online and in person.
  • Project output: Established new ways for OGN members to get involved through Action Plan Collaboration, Network Governance and Network Communication's sub-groups to take forward work in 2018.
  • Project development: Initial discussions about working more closely with Scottish Educational Development Centres in 2018 to link their work on the SDGs to wider strategic work, starting with facilitating mapping workshop in January 2018.
  • Project output: Travelled to Global OGP Civil Society Leaders Meeting in The Hague, Holland, in November to present on Scotland's approach to linking open government to the SDGs.
  • Project output: Open Government Network meeting with a number of Scottish media titles in late November to raise awareness of open government and how to promote to wider audiences.
  • Operational delivery: Project delivery group met in Cardiff to discuss next steps for the project, national conference and future funding.
  • Project development: Initiated dialogue with colleagues at The Wheel in Ireland to share learning from Scotland and Ireland with promoting and widening engagement on the SDGs.
  • Project development: Scottish OGP Ministerial meeting in December where it was confirmed that Scottish Government will commit to a second Open Government Action Plan, to be designed in 2018 - civil society coordination via this project.
  • Project output: Presented to Scottish Government led procurement supply group in November on open government developments in Scotland.
  • Project output: Attended 'best practise in co-production' What Works Scotland workshop in November to build awareness of current approaches.
  • Project output: Presented to SCVO's Policy Committee, Intermediaries Network and Third Sector Forum on the value of the SDGs in Scotland and how to get involved.
  • Project output: Presented at Nourish Scotland's 'Food in Scotland' conference on opportunities to get involved in the Open Government Network and how it connects with their interests/communities.
  • Project output: Presented at Fife Centre for Diversity event on SDGs and gathered feedback on network development.
  • Project development: Requested by SDG Network to coordinate member input into an open letter to Scottish Parliament, Scottish Cabinet, Local Authorities and Political parties asking what they are doing specifically to promote and achieve the SDGs. Letter to go out in January.
  • Project output: Over 2017, we more than doubled the number of members in Scotland's Open Government Network from 118 to 259.
  • Project Output: Meeting with DAERA on Implementation of SSDG Goal 13 CC 15.11.17 
  • Project Output: Teleconference with SSD reps to discuss government progress 17.11.17  
  • Operational delivery: Venues scoped and application to BCC, meeting with the Mac and venue confirmed 
  • Project development: Meeting with conference host 22nd November. 
  • Project development: Conference budget drafted   
  • Project development: Mapping of potential conference speakers. 
  • Project development: Session themes drafted  
  • Project Output: Meetings with NI Grassroots (30.10.17, 20.11.17) 
  • Project Output: 29.09.17 Democracy Games event held with 45 young people at Stormont
  • Project Output: Youth celebration event held with workshop on SDG 15.  
  • Project development: 5 speakers contacted and confirmed (Mandy McAuley, Jim Kitchen, Peter Geoghan, Alex Cobham, Robin Hodess) 
  • Project development: Advert for Imagine Festival brochure drafted and submitted 
  • Project development: Meetings with Imagine Festival organisers  
  • Operational delivery: Conference hotel rooms booked and flight bookings underway 
  • Project Output: Evaluation tender circulated
  • Project Output: Launch of SDG website and further content added to website 
  • Project Output: Evaluation process designed and invitation to tender circulated 
  • Project Development: Evaluation shortlisting undertaken  
  • Operational delivery: Attendance at Pioneer Project team strategy day in Cardiff 07.12.17 
  • Operational delivery: Project Board meeting 29.11.17 
  • Operational delivery: Delivery Group meeting 21.12.17  
  • Project Development: discuss Wales review w OG action plan UK assessor
  • Project Output: contributed to OG AP review
  • Project Development: attended Equalities & HR Coalition meeting to clarify tender opportunity & introduce OG
  • Operational delivery: start Tender process for Three Equalities partners to deliver engagement + events
  • Project Development: met with Citizens UK Cymru discussing collab opportunities
  • Project Development: discuss opportunities and ways of engaging with Welsh Gov regarding next AP commitments
  • Project Development: presented OpenGov project at BLF seminar on Community voice
  • Project Development: meetings with Environet & Hub Cymru Africa re. development
  • Project Output: Met with PSB leads and regional coordinator on engagement of civil society with Public Services Boards on Well-being goal progress.
  • Project Output: Development meeting with Welsh Government team responsible for OG Action Plan regarding civil society engagement.
  • Project Development: Telecon with UKSSD re. reporting on UNSDGDs
  • Project Development: attended South West Wales Participation Network meeting
  • Project Output: Supported Environet in engaging with WCVA membership regarding engagement with UKSSD process on chapters on SDGs
  • Operational delivery: Budget reconcilitation
  • Project Development: Met with ERS re progress on their Voting survey
  • Project Output: Blog about equalities projects
  • Project Development: Met with Head of Engagement Office for Future Gen Commission - who are responsible for overseeing progress on Goals by public sector
  • Operational delivery: Project Board meetings & Delivery Group meetings
  • Operational delivery: Planning for Coordinator meeting in Cardiff in Dec
  • Project development: Participation in International Information Commissioners Conference civil society event in Manchester on 19 Sept
  • Project development: Participation in International Information Commissioners Conference in Manchester on 20 Sept
  • Project Development: Discussion and contacted two speakers for Belfast Conference
  • Project Output: Employed new coordinator (Andreas Pavlou) in October 2017
  • Project Output: Letter to Minister Caroline Nokes to ask for a meeting to present Open Government Network
  • Project Output: Meeting with Minister Caroline Nokes to present the Open Government Network
  • Project Output: End of year newsletter resuming actions of the Network
  • Project Development: Introduction meetings/calls with devolved nations partners
  • Project Development: Meetings with various Open Government Network members and collaborators
  • Project Development: Implementation meeting with Cabinet Office officials
  • Project Development: Call with UKSSD about engagement of Pioneer partners into SDG civil society monitoring process
  • Project Development: Collect various local-level CVOs and other organisations for incorporating into next NAP process
  • Project development: Begin organisation of workshops for NAP process - publish invitations
  • Operational Delivery: Attendence at Pioneer Project team strategy day 07.12.17
  • Operational Delivery: Attend regular Project Board meetings
  • Operational Delivery: Attend regular Delivery Group meetings
January 2018 to March 2018
  • Project output: SDG Network Open Letter - Facilitated the SDG Network’s engagement group to come together to write an open letter to parliamentary committees, the First Minister, Cabinet Members and local authorities to request feedback on the actions they are taking the progress the SDGs in Scotland. The purpose of this was to raise the profile of the SDGs in Scotland, following direction from the SDG Network’s members. The Network received 11 responses to its open letter, including from the First Minister, Scottish Parliamentary Committees, the Scottish Conservative Party and five local authorities
  • Project development: OGP Governance in Scotland - We have worked with the Scottish Government to establish Scotland first Multi-stakeholder forum for the OGP in Scotland. We undertook an open selection process with Scotland’s civil society network, and secured eight members of the network to join eight members of Government in overseeing the development and delivery of Scotland’s second Open Government Action Plan (2018-20). We have a diverse group of representatives, including 5 women and those working in equalities, the environment, democratic innovation and academia.
  • Project development: Action plan co-creation development - We have spearheaded the development of a publicly available wiki to host all discussions and outputs taken forward as part of developing Scotland’s second open government action plan. This will provide transparency in the development of the plan, and a template that can be built upon for future open government action plans. 
  • Project output: Fire starter festival event - We presented at the Scottish Government’s fire starter event that focused on the next open government action plan.
  • Project output: Deliver workshop with Scottish Educational Development Centres - Facilitated a workshop to help participants gain a better understanding of how their work with teachers fits into the bigger picture of what’s being done to achieve the goals across Scotland. Considered how progress will be measured and what the role or contribution is as DECs – could they approach their work in a different way? How could they have a bigger impact?
  • Project output: Updates on National Outcomes discussions - Through the network we have kept members updated on the inquiry into the Scottish Government’s revised national outcomes, which have been aligned to the SDGs and will be used to measure Scotland’s progress against the goals. A number of network members fed into the parliamentary consultation having been made aware through our blogs and comms. The network held a joint event with the Scottish Government in January focusing on aligning the National Performance Framework with the SDGs and significant changes were made to the design following our members’ input.
  • Project Output: SDGs in Scotland film resource - We are preparing to produce a short film for stakeholders across Scotland to use to promote the importance of the SDGs, the role of the SDG Network and cross sector collaboration. We have been filming and hope for the film to be ready by the beginning of June for people to begin using online and at events. The film will be similar to that produced by SDG Watch Europe. The following organisations have been involved - The Poverty Alliance, Scottish International Development Alliance, Nourish Scotland, Business in the Community Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful, International Voluntary Service, ICAS, GCU, IDEAS, Scotland Malawi Partnership.
  • Project output: European Open Government Leaders' Forum - Presented and shared a poster presentation at the first European Open Government Leaders' forum in Milan. Shared learning from the work of both Scotland’s SDG and Open Government Networks.
  • Project output: Mobilising youth action: perspectives from the youth & third sectors - Hosted by SCVO, The Wood Foundation & Young Scot - With a focus on the Year of Young People 2018, this session explored the valuable role young people play in communities across Scotland. Further, in consideration of the Sustainable Development Goals – a set of goals which aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all – input focused on the importance of mobilising local, youth led activity centred on addressing a whole range of social needs. This event was co-designed with the Communic18 – a group of 35 young people from across Scotland who support and advise partners on involving young people in their YoYP 2018 activity, who are supported by Children in Scotland, Scottish Youth Parliament and Young Scot.
  • Project output: Are you a young citizen advocate for change? Hosted by Open Government Network and The International Development Education Association of Scotland (IDEAS) - This event, co-hosted by The Open Government Network and informed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was part of IDEAS’ series of YCA events. It was an interactive session exploring young people’s perspectives on a range of issues and included the opportunity for young people and organisations to share and channel their passion and enthusiasm for change. St Rochs Schools plaid a key role in this event, and pupils spent time interviewing a number of charities in the exhibition hall to help build their skills and knowledge.
  • Project development: Planning and delivery for Open Government Pioneers online conference - Planned and delivered successful live streaming of our UK wide conference ‘Re-imagine Democracy, focusing on Open Government and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The livestreaming was viewed by 150+ visitors to the site and helped connect the main event in Belfast with a mini-conference with young people in Glasgow. We are now working to secure full transcription of the conference footage.  
  • Project output: Resources section on globalgoals website - Resource Hub set up on to help people find tools and resources on the SDGs from Scotland and across the world. Currently in the process of populating this.
  • Project output: Meeting with Michael McCallion who sent letter to Local Government/SOLACE re Goal 13 Climate Change
  • Project output: Contributed to UKSSD Shadow report. NI state of play summary
  • Project development: Met with NI Open Gov Implementation Group to advocate SDG commitment around increasing visibility of government work/mapping of SDGs through an online platform.
  • Project development: Speaker Bio's and pics gathered and conference brochure printed
  • Project development: Remaining speaker and session theme finalised.
  • Project output: Contributed to NI OGN response to NI Affairs Committee on Devolution and Democracy in NI
  • Project output: Blog on environmental governance in NI and the SDGs in advance of conference
  • Project output: NIEL endorsed the SDGs within the PFG consultation response and the SDGs are mentioned in the PFG.
  • Project development: Dates confirmed for further democracy games events – youth engagement (April and June 2018)
  • Project output: SDG related commitments drafted for NI commitments in UK NAP
  • Project output: Meeting with Satish Kumar (QUB) – SDGs in Action
  • Project output: Pioneer conference delivered with 90 participants and links to conference youtube video circulated
  • Operational delivery: Speaker expenses and venue hire, catering invoices paid.
  • Project development: Meeting with project evaluator and comments submitted on draft evaluator report 
  • Project development: Attended Stakeholder meeting organised by OFGC's Globally Responsible Goal convener, looking at guidance to public sector to progress this Goal.
  • Project output: Helped facilitate a table during the Third Sec Partnership Council workshop with the third sector & Welsh Gov to re-design the TSPC.
  • Project development: Attended One Team Government Unconference - with primarily WG, public sector attendees looking to reimagine public sector.
  • Project development: Meeting with Data Unit re WCVA data hub
  • Project development: Attended workshop 2 of three organised by WWF/WG to look at WFGA changes & opportunities to embed Goals progress within Welsh Government. Final workshop this week.
  • Project output: Met with Welsh Government Digital team to develop a plan for next commitments for OpenGovernment Action Plan & Civil Society input.
  • Project output: Open Government Network Wales meeting/ workshop to prioritise themes, start looking at commitments, discuss wider civil society engagement
  • Project output: Created piece on Belfast conference for WCVA web
  • Catch up with Co-Production Network Wales re collaboration
  • Project output: reproduced NIEL article on democracy games for Network magazine
  • Project output: Set up Discuto platform for Welsh commitments, in collab with ERS Cymru and WG
  • Project output: Held 2 drop-in workshops at Gofod3 WCVA conference to discuss Open Gov Network with attendees
  • Project development: Organised PB workshop in conjunction with PB Partners and ERS Cymru, for 18 April in Cardiff. Promoted to Networks. Over 40 attendees registered to date.
  • Project output: Youth Cymru (Equalities project) interim report received & uploaded to UK Open Government website
  • Project output: Belfast Conference attendance - Anna Nicholl (WCVA) and Jess Blair (ERS Cymru)
  • Project development: Discussed Third Sec Partnership Council - how to engage with Welsh Gov with consultant doing report for WCVA on improving TSPC
  • Operational delivery: Handover Project Officer, departed project 19 March


  • Project output: As part of the UK 2018-202 Open Government Action Plan development, we organised a series of workshops in English cities to discuss open government commitments over January and February. This was attended by mainly digital organisations, but also women's rights group and some local activists. We also set up a discuto online platform to gather ideas for open government reform, online.
  • Project output: We also participated in the UKGovCamp Unconference in January which brought together civil servants working on open government and open data together to solve issues within government.
  • Project output: European Open Government Leaders' Forum - Attended and participated in discussions at the first European Open Government Leaders' forum in Milan.
  • Project development: Researching UK implementation of SDG16 as part of UKSSD monitoring report
  • Project development: Engaging with expert organisations on the UK implementation of SDG16 as part of peer reivew of UKSSD monitoring report. Fixing coherence issues and responding to feedback on the report.
  • Project output: Attended and participated in UKSSD event "The Sustainable Development Goals: can London lead the way?" on Monday, 26 February 2018.
  • Project development: Set up of webpage for Open Government Pioneers conference on the OGN website.
  • Project output: Delivered workshop for Open Government Pioneers conference in Belfast that gathered ideas and proposals for implementing the SDGs using Open Government. These were fed into UK and NI discussions on the development of the respective action plans.
  • Project development: We also continued to have meetings with various members of the UK OGN network.
  • Project development: Attended Regular Project Board meetings
  • Project development: Attended Regular Delivery Group meetings
  • Operational delivery: Set up and started regular meetings to coordinate and discuss action plan development in each of the home nations.
April 2018 to June 2018
  • Project Development: National Performance Framework: Continued engagement with the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and SDG Network to raise profile and engagement in the SDGs ahead of NPF going to parliament. Suggestions made by Network members in January's meeting with Government were clearly incorporated into the final design. SCVO also submitted a parliamentary briefing with input from the SDG Network. UKSSD report 'measuring up' and the Local Government and Communities Committee report on the NPF both mention the successful engagement of the SDG Network facilitated by SCVO. The SDG Network also hosted a discussion on the NPF with the Scottish Government's Chief Statistician.
  • Project Output: OGP Steering Group (Civil Society): We successfully facilitated the development of Scotland's first multistakeholder forum for open government, consisting of eight government representatives and 8 members of the open government network. All 8 spaces were filled through an open nomination process and they reflect the wide-ranging membership in Scotland's OGN - environment, advocacy, equalities, democracy etc.
  • Project Output: SDG Scotland Video: We filmed stakeholders across Scotland, including business and civil society, to use to promote the importance of the SDGs, the role of the SDG Network and cross sector collaboration. The resource will be ready by August.
  • Project Output: SDG Letter responses: In January, members of Scotland’s SDG Network helped mobilise over 80 organisations and 250 people to sign our open letter on the SDGs. The Network we received responses from the First Minister, the Scottish Parliament, 5 Local Authorities and the Scottish Conservative Party. The First Minister's response welcomed the work of the SDG Network in bringing different stakeholders together and hoped for the network to continue working with the Scottish Government on SDGs.
  • Project Output: GlobalGoals.Scot: Continued to develop the content of Scotland's National Platform for the SDGs, which now receives roughly 800 visitors each month. Content received from HIV Scotland, Scottish Water, Zero Waste Scotland, The Alliance, Beyond Green, NUS Scotland.
  • Project Development: OGP IRM Scotland: Worked with OGP IRM to disseminate draft review of Scotland's first open government action plan ahead of the publication of final report.
  • Project Development: OGP Action Plan Planning: Co-led the development of an engagement plan and approach for developing Scotland's second open government action plan between civil society and Scottish Government. This includes an open project plan on the wiki and a schedule of events and online engagement during July and August in Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Stirling.
  • Project Development: Attendance at business and the SDGs event
  • Project Development: Meeting with Michael Ewing to Plan webinar 3  
  • Project Development: Call with BRC re Better Retail, Better World webinar – SDGs in Action. Date agreed
  • Project Output: Response submitted to UK EAC Inquiry into the SDGs
  • Project Output: Grassroots event held 26th April with three further NI special schools
  • Project Output: Webinar 3 Implementing the SDGs in Ireland 18 - hosted on 30th May 2018 - 18 attendees, considerable drop off from 50 registered
  • Project Development: Discussion with UK Joint Environment Links about SDGs theme for Joint Links Conference in September.  
  • Project Development: Meeting held to consider November event on Community Planning and SDGs Goal 16  
  • Project Output: SDGs/Democracy Games event held with Duke of Edinburgh Youth Groups at Stormont 15th June
  • Project Output: Food Poverty Workshops brief developed and BFN Commissioned to run  
  • Project Output: Discussion with NIMTF about Goal 14 life below water theme and speaker for marine event during NI Environment Wk
  • Operational Delivery: New Wales Coordinator appointed in June - Lynsey Jackson from Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales / supported by Bethan Harvey. Induction and orientation completed with Jess, Anna and Ruchir.
  • Project Output: Promoted and shared new Discuto discussion on the Wales Open Government Action Plan via Cynnal Cymru website and twitter account.
  • Project Output: Attended Diverse Cymru report launch on 27 June on Barriers to Engagement.
  • Project Output: Contacted Equalities Project leads for final project reports and to encourage participation in the MutualGain survey.
  • Project Output: The Open Government portfolio was moved to DCMS from the Cabinet Office, so we wrote to Matt Hancock, the new secretary of state, to introduce the agenda in April.
  • Project Development: We held a UK OGN Steering Committee election for five spaces which were filled by: Rachel Davies Teka (reelected), Guiseppe Sollazzo, Alex Blandford, Maria Stephens, Michael Birtwistle.
  • Project Output: In preparations for the GDPR legislative changes, we moved to a new online forum, hosted by The new forum is available at
  • Project Output: Hosted and facilitated event on 17 April in London to prioritise key civil society proposals coming out of the public consultation period for the next UK Open Government Action Plan.
  • Project Output: We published the Open Government Civil Society Manifesto 2018 outlining civil society proposals for open government following months of workshops, discussions and prioritisations of proposals.
  • Project Output: The draft text of the chapter on SDG16 with UKSSD, that was drafted by Involve/UKOGN was opened for review and comment from the public and peer reviewers. We invite members of the Open Government Networks to participate in this review, and add any comment or dataset they feel will help to add to the quality of the assessment of the chapter. These comments were then integrated into the final chapter.
  • Project Development: Participated in conference hosted by the Bingham Centre on "The role of the private sector in fostering peace, justice, and strong institutions" which aimed to generate greater understanding of the business case for private sector engagement on SDG16, and concrete ideas for action. The conference also represented an important opportunity to discuss how the private sector - along with other key stakeholders - can play an influential role in advancing SDG16, and to reflect on the most promising ways forward.
July 2018 to December 2018
  • Project Output: Attended and presented at the OGP Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia on the developing approach to progressing the SDGs in Scotland and Spain. (July)
  • Project Output: Delivered final set of engagement events (Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness) with Scottish Government to seek ideas for Scotland's second OpenGov action Plan. (July - August)
  • Project Output: Facilitated and supported the civil society members of the Scottish OGP Steering Group to influence and negotiate decisions relating to content of the OpenGov Action Plan. (October - November)
  • Project Output: Secured completion and full sign-off on Scotland's second OpenGov action plan from civil society OGP Steering Group members (December)
  • Project development: Merging of Project Coordinator role with Policy and Campaigns Officer at SCVO. New balance between different roles (July)
  • Project Output: Meetings with UK wide stakeholders on SDG developments beyond Scotland - Future Generations Commission in Wales, WWF UK, UKSSD, TBL Services Support the Goals (August)
  • Project Output: Moderated panel with young leaders working on the UN SDGs during a session at Scotland's International Development Alliance Conference (August)
  • Project Output: SDG Network Scotland hosted SDG promotional and awareness raising event with Scotland's International Development Alliance, the UN and Scotland Malawi Partnership, securing full attendance of 70+ guests(August)
  • Project development: Secured Erasmus Funding for Youth Voice in Sustainable Democracy Project. Project handed to Project Scotland and IDEAS to lead for 18 month duration (August)
  • Project Output: Meeting with BOND UK to discuss national campaign on the SDGs and with UK Government's International Development Department in London to discuss Scottish SDG approach (September)
  • Project Output: Ongoing discussions with future generations commission in Wales about learning from Scotland in setting up Welsh SDG Network (September - December)
  • Project Output: SDG Network workshop with Year of Young People Ambassador, discussing how we can develop the Network to include youth voices (September)
  • Project Output: Facilitated the development and support for a SDG Network briefing to the UK Government on Scotland's role within the upcoming Voluntary National Review (September).
  • Project Output: Secured and held event between SDG Network and UK and Scottish Government's on the UK VNR - this was the first meeting with devolved nations (October)
  • Project Output: Set up Scotland's VNR Open Working Group, open to anyone to join to guide the Network's activity relating to the VNR. This was joined by the Scottish Government in October and has been the principle mechanism for delivering the UK VNR and Scottish Supplementary Review in Scotland (September)
  • Project Output: Administration for and chairing meetings of Scotland's VNR Working Group, which takes place every two weeks and includes Government and COSLA (October - December)
  • Project Output: Contributed to discussions on Terms of Reference for a new business focused SDG Reporting Working Group (November)
  • Project development: Mini-summit of the Pioneer Project in Edinburgh, including Project Board, Project Team, Project Partners and other interested stakeholders. Focused on evaluation and developing next steps (November)
  • Project Output: Agreement reached on Scottish approach to contribution to UK VNR and developing a Scottish supplementary review, including terms of reference for the VNR working group, an outline approach to send to SDG Network members and other stakeholder lists, and an open google folder for others to access the group's work (December)
  • Project development: Support for inclusion of SDGs in UK Joint Links conference September - UKSSD speakers invited to provide update on progress. Approx. 90 people attendees.
  • Project development: Support for Annual NIEL conference framed on SDG Goal 14 Life Below Water (60 attendees)
  • Project output: 13th Sept 2018 NI conference on Transparency for Accountability. 75 attendees
  • Project output: Webinar 4: 12th November 2018 Better Retail; Better World; the SDGs in Action.
  • Project output: Event 7 (young people) Sept 2018 SDG Workshop at Youth celebration event (over 100 young people engaged)
  • Project output: 3 Food poverty focus groups with Belfast Food Network Zero Hunger - A Right to Quality, Affordable. Approx. 20 individuals living in the most deprived areas of Belfast included in the Programme.
  • Project output: Scope NI article published on the SDGs 2nd June 2018 Blog on Environmental Governance and the SDGs in NI
  • Project output: Democracy Games Blog
  • Project development: Attendance and participation in Project's Mini-Summit (Nov)
  • Project Output: Attended the OGP Global Summit: Tbilisi.
  • Project Development: Attended the Finance Cabinet Secretary Planning meeting and submitted draft paper on PB to be presented at third sector meeting with Mark Drakeford AM
  • Project Output: Equalities Projects: Produced and published online a summary report and overview of the themes and learning from the three equalities projects as well as reviewing how the projects aligned with the Wales Well-being of Future Generations Act.
  • Project Output: OGN Action Plan/ Manifesto: Manifesto published online and via social media following consultation with Welsh civil society via the Discuto platform. Article picked up by the Western Mail, national newspaper and shared through the ERS, WCVA, Cynnal Cymru websites and social media.
  • Project Output: Webinar on Participatory Budgeting Developed, promoted and delivered a webinar on Participatory Budgeting as part of the 'Summer of International' events. Bringing together leading experts from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Portugal to share the challenges and learning on developing PB projects with communities. 26 registered / 17 attendees.
  • Project Output: Video recording and event summary shared with all registered and shared online.
  • Project Output: Meeting to discuss the future of the Open Government network in Wales.
Output: Launch of 'Measuring up: How the UK is performing on the Sustainable Development Goals' report published by UKSSD, including attending the launch event and promoting on social media. Measuring up is the result of a multi-stakeholder process to produce the first comprehensive picture of the UK’s current performance against the SDGs, our opportunities and challenges and recommendations for putting the plan in to action. Involve authored the chapter on SDG16. (July)

Attended 'Open Government in Australia and the UK: a discussion' event with IRM reporters from the UK and Australia (July)

Moderated and participated in sessions at the OGP Summit in Tbilisi. (July)

Participated in UKSSD-DfID meeting on the voluntary national review process for the UK. (July)

Organised and participated in meeting with Margot James, Minister for Digitial and Creative Industries (and responsible for Open Government), where we presented open government and action plan process including SDGs.

Launched public consultation on the UK National Action Plan.

Met with Womens Budget Group to discuss membership of open government network and women's rights issues within open government movement. (Sept)

Participated in half-day workshop with UKSSD and partner organisations exploring the ideas and activity areas UKSSD partners would like to develop and focus on following the launch of Measuring up.

Organised and participated in Multistakeholder Forum for the UK Open Government Action Plan.

Webinar session with Westminister Foundation for Democracy to discuss open government and implementation in the UK to global partners.

Meeting with Participatory Budgeting experts from Mexico to strategise potential collaboration with UK groups.

Pklanning meeting with UKSSD partners on the UK voluntary national review process.

This proceeded the meeting with Home Office on the UK voluntary national review process for the UN, discussing with stakeholders and government officials about the next steps for this.

Participated in TicTec Local conference particularly focusing on how to improve local level democracy and service delivery through the use of civic technologies.

Participated in Pioneers Summit in Edinburgh (28th Nov)

Jan to March 2019
  • Project output: Joint consultation on Voluntary National Review between Scottish Government and SDG Scotland Network, including 7 week long call for evidence and open commenting period on Scottish Government drafts.
  • Project output: Webinar with UN Rapporteur for Poverty and Inequalities
  • Project output: Launch of Open Government Scotland Action Plan 2019-2021
  • Project development: Equality Good Relations interviews and focus groups
  • Project output: Equality Good Relations SDG event in Feb 2019
  • Project output: Facilitated workshop for SDG Scotland Network on developing its future plans, engagement and governance
  • Operational Delivery: Legacy planning and final finances and activity reporting to Big Lottery UK
  • Project development: Working with Keep Scotland Beautiful and Scottish Power to deliver a cross-sector SDG conference in September 2019 (Jan-March)
  • Project Output: Facilitated SDG Network submission to the House of Commons International Development Committee on UK Government's delivery of the UK VNR on SDG progress. Secured cross sector support (February)
  • Project Output: Invited by Scottish Government to present to Estonian delegation on Scotland's open approach to developing the National Review on Progress (February)
  • Project Development: Project Coordinator (Paul Bradley) nominated by the Open Government Partnership as an emerging European Young Leader for work on open government and the SDGs in Scotland - accepted by the Obama Foundation to join a European/Global network of young leaders and travelled to Berlin to meet others and see President Obama (March 2019).
Project Output: Delivery of Belfast Food network equalities work for NI - events, blog, report

  • Project output: Published the notes of the Meeting to discuss the future of the Open Government in Wales
  • Project output: Published "Beyond the Usual Suspects" report exploring the barriers to a wider range of people engaging with Open Government.
Project output: Published four case studies produced by equalities and human rights groups demonstrating how open government has been used to deliver advocacy goals in line with the SDGs. These were diseminated via social media also.

Project Output: published four proposals for commitments in the next UK open government action plan that address issues which will help the work of groups working on women's rights, criminal justice, race and migrant children's rights. These were diseminated via social media also.

Project Output: Gendered analysis of the final draft of the UK Open Government Action Plan has been shared with DCMS government officials to incorporate into implementation of the commitments in the plan.

Worked with Government to help to organise speakers and diseminate information about Open Gov Week events (to be held on 11-17 March) including one session on gender and open government, and participation in policy making.


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