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This is the planning page for the UK conference for the Open Government Pioneers UK initiative

The main anticipated outcome is to provide greater visibility to the SDGs across UK home nations and at UK level

Event overview

Event details

Event Name UK Conference
Event Lead(s) Jonathan Bell & David McBurney (Northern Ireland)
Reporting to Ruchir Shah - Project Director
Start Date 1st August 2017
Completion Date 30th March 2018
Other team members involved Paul Bradley - Scotland
Jetske Germing - Wales
Tim Hughes - England

Event context

Event objectives

Target audiences

Key messages


Delivery stakeholders

Stakeholder Role Contribution
Ruchir Shah
Jonathan Bell Event Lead
David McBurney Event Lead
Paul Bradley
Jetske Germing
Tim Hughes
SCVO Comms Team
NI Link Comms Team
WCVA Comms Team
Involve Comms Team


Key activity Deliverable Delivered by Completion date Completed

Overall plan

Please input ideas under the following key questions:

Question Contributions (please add) Notes
1 What should the overall purpose of the conference be? Share and inspire reflection on how each UK home nation is using open government to progress the global goals


For example, to grow membership, raise awareness of SDGs/Open Government, gather ideas for or SDG Implementation Plans, to exert influence?
2 Who should be the target audience(s)? for example, citizens, reps from civic society orgs, government officials, politicians, media?
3 What key themes should the conference address? (to what extent should we focus on the SDGs and/or open government?) transparency of government policy-making

participatory approaches to public budget-setting

4 what should the key messages be? For example, ‘open government for the common good’?
5 What formats should be used? for example, lightning talks, workshops, key note speeches, question time, panel discussion?

How should reps from each UK home nation lead on sessions at the conference?

UK home nation What is your preferred format and topic?  What role should the facilitator play in this (Demsoc)?
England / UK
Northern Ireland
Other country?

Engagement plan

Audience Approach What they get out of it What they can contribute
Open Government Network members
Equality and minority groups
Open Government Pioneers Project partner organisations
Open Government Pioneers Project Board Facilitators / chairs / panelists
Government partners
Guest speakers - academics, international civil society partners

Communications plan

Logistical plan

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