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All planning and progress is published on our wiki


About this planning page

This planning page has been set up by Scotland's Open Government Network and the Scottish Government to openly plan the process for developing Scotland's second Open Government Action Plan. It has been set up to collaboratively build the engagement process and to document the decisions and actions that are taken. More details about the next action plan can be found below.

How it works

Both the network and Scottish Government are working together to build a comprehensive plan to help us deliver the next action plan. The Network's Coordinator (Paul Bradley) and equivalent at the Scottish Government (Emma Harvey) are steering the process and are liaising with Government colleagues and members of Scotland's OpenGov Network (Action Plan Sub-group) to build the plan. All information from planning meetings, engagement outputs and the overall process will be published here.

How to contribute

We have selected this open source platform with you in mind! Whilst the basics have already been mapped out on this page, anyone can suggest additions or changes to our engagement process by simply editing a section. We encourage you to do so, and you can submit edits anonymously or if you would like us to get in touch you can add your name after your edit and join our online forum.

About Scotland's Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan 2018 - 2020

This is part of Scotland's promise as a member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), to work with citizens and civil society to implement open government reforms. Last year, Scotland became part of the Pioneer Tier of the Open Government Partnership, a pilot program consisting of 15 local governments with action plans to open up government throughout 2017. As the 2017 plan comes to an end (see more here), we are beginning to develop and launch the 2018-2020 open government action plan.

What it's about

Open government is the simple but powerful idea that governments and institutions work better for citizens when they are transparent, engaging and accountable. The international Open Government Partnership puts this into practice by supporting member governments to develop concrete commitments in partnership with civil society which aim to improve how people see, understand and are able to influence decisions which affect them. These commitments form 2 year action plans, which are monitored and independently assessed.

Open government has three parts:

  1. Transparency – opening up of governmentinformation data and on areas such as public spending, govment contracts, lobbying activity, the development and impact of policy, and public service performance.
  2. Particrt for a strong and independent civil society, the involvement of citizens and other stakeholders in decision making processes, and protection for whistleblowers and others who highlight waste, negligence or corruption in government.
  3. Accountability – rules, laws and mechanisms that ensure government listens, learns, responds and changes when it needs to.

Done well, open government reforms can transform the relationship between people and their governments and institutions, ensuring that they are properly responsive to citizens, while improving their efficiency and effectiveness, preventing abuses of power and building trust.

How it works

Civil Society and the Scottish Government will co-create the 2018-2020 National Action Plan (NAP). The action plan is at the core of Scotland's participation in OGP and should contain between three to five commitments. It should be the product of a participatory process which enables people to help develop effective commitments that matter to them.

Successful OGP action plans focus on significant national priorities and ambitious reforms; are relevant to the values of transparency, accountability, and public participation; and contain specific, time-bound, and measurable commitments. Working with the Scottish Government, the network is working to develop the best possible process for the 2018 – 2020 OGP Action Plan to be delivered in an open, transparent and inclusive way, which delivers effective change.

Who can get involved

You do not need to be an expert – we are looking for interested and empassioned citizens, community groups and civil society organisations who want to have a say and offer their ideas on how government at a local, regional and national level could be done better and in a more open way. That applies for anyone interested in supporting the process of creating the action plan or contributing to the content.

Engagement Plan

Project overview

Key details

Leads: Paul Bradley (Scot OGN) and Emma Harvey (Scottish Government)

Start date: 10th January 2018 | Completion date: 1st September 2018

Government team involved: Ingage | Network team involved: Action Plan Collaboration Sub-group

Purpose of Engagement: To involve and collaborate with Scotland’s civil society and public to develop commitments to be considered for inclusion in Scotland’s second Open Government Action Plan

Engagement objectives

1.   To build trust in Government and Institutions through working together to improve public services.

2.   Raise awareness of what open government objectives are, of Scotland’s place in the Open Government Partnership and of Scotland’s Open Government Network.

3. Develop Scotland’s second Open Government Action Plan in collaboration between Scottish Government and Scottish Civil Society

4.   Increase opportunities for members of Scotland’s Open Government Network to shape open government action plans.  

5.  Reach out to groups identified to be either interested in open government or the issues being discussed

Ways of Working (needs developed collaboratively)

  1. All work to be carried out in an open and transparent manner.
  2. Respect all contributions and contributors, valuing diversity and supporting involvement from a diverse range of voices.

2.  Ensure that all those participating understand what impact their contributions have made.

Delivery timelines

OGP in Scotland timeline

2018  January February March April May June July August September
Self-Assessment Report    +++++            
IRM End of Term Report      +++++            
OGP Scottish Action Plan Development    +++++  +++++  +++++  +++++  +++++  +++++    
OGP Summit in Georgia              +++++    
Action Plan Delivery Window              +++++  +++++  +++++
Implementation of Action plan                  +++++ >>

Formal action plan deadline: 31 August 2018 

Action plan delivery window: SN should deliver their SNAP within a three 
month period from June 30th to September 30, 2018 

Action plan implementation: Regardless of when the SNAP is delivered, SNAP 
implementation would end on 31 August 2020 

Plan contents: 3 to 5 commitments limit per action plan

2017 action plan: The final IRM End of Term Report analysing the success of Scotland’s first open government action plan will be published in March 2018.  

Project timeline

Stage One

(Jan - Mar)

Stage Two

(Feb - Mar)

Stage Three

(Mar - May)

Stage Four

(Apr - May)

Stage Five


Stage Six


Input into engagement & governance approaches Raising awareness Input into Scottish Action Plan Co-creating Commitments Government approval Launch of OGP Action Plan
Network’s views sought on mobilisation plan and OGP Governance plan Use of networks, social media, organisations to reach higher input Recommendations for commitments in Scotland’s NAP collected Commitments are prioritised, discussed and shortlist agreed on OGP Steering Committee agree plan for Scottish Government sign off Action plan is ready for launch at OGP Summit in Tbilisi (16th / 17th)

Full engagement timeline

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept
Engagement Stages Stage One: Input into engagement and governance  +++ +++  +++            
Stage Two: Raising awareness   +++  +++            
Stage Three: Input into Scottish Action Plan      +++  +++  +++        
Stage Four: Co-creating Commitments        +++  +++        
Stage Five: Government approval          +++        
Stage Six: Launch of OGP Action Plan             +++    
Stage One

Input into engagement

& governance approaches

OGP Governance Draft (Action Plan Sub Group)  +++                
OGP Governance Draft (shared with network)  +++              
New OGP Governance signed-off      +++            
Civil Society selection for OGP Governance      +++            
OGP Governance in place        +++          
Meetings of OGP Steering Committee        +++          
Action Plan Engagement Plan draft developed    +++              
Action Plan Engagement Plan draft (shared with network)    +++            
Final Action Plan Engagement Plan ready      +++            
Stage Two

Raising awareness

Network Newsletter  +++
Joint blog  +++
DIY workshop pack and social/comms pack  +++
Stage Three

Input into Scottish Action Plan

Online engagement      +++  +++          
Workshop engagement      +++  +++        
Feedback on engagement and next steps        +++    
Stage Four

Co-creating committments

Co-creating event  +++
Meeting of OGP Multi-stakeholder forum  +++
Feedback on engagement and next steps  +++
Stage Five

Government approval

Stage Six

Launch of OGP action plan


Engagement mapping

Levels of engagement

Stay informed
Stay informed with action plan.jpg
Have your say
Have your say.jpg
  • Get information on our website
  • Register for emails
  • Read blogs
  • Follow @opengovscot and #OpenGovScot
  • Take part in briefing events/webinars
  • Join the online forum
  • Share thoughts on governance and engagement 
  • Suggest an action for the action plan
  • Participate in an event or workshop
  • Join an OGP working group
  • Join the OGP Steering Group
  • Help prioritise commitments
  • Co-create final commitments submitted to Scottish Cabinet  

Available channels

There are a number of communication channels we will use to ensure that appropriate groups and individuals are receiving the right information at the right time. Below is the table of planned activity that will be delivered. This maps the minimum outputs that will be delivered. This is a working document and will be populated as events, campaigns and activity is timetabled.  

Websites Forums Email Social Media Events People
OGN Website OGN Forum Email campaign Social media campaign Press release Briefings Partners
Partner Websites External forums Newsletter Targeted adverts Third force news Workshops Network members
ScotGov Website Forum postings Meet-up series Media Interviews Meet-up series OG Advocates/Champions
OpenGov Wiki
Dialogue (ScotGov)
Channel Objectives Details Performance indicators
Online Scotland OpenGov Website To host primary information about the project and outputs including blogs, articles, news etc. -     Dedicates pages for next action plan

-     Landing page for anyone interested in the plan

-     Events, blogs, news, interviews, profiles shared

-     Meeting notes, governance, engagement plans published

Scotland OpenGov Forum To provide a space for interested parties to form a network and receive information about open government initiatives. -     Forums used by the partners to develop the civil society network in all the UK home nations.  -     
Scotland OpenGov Twitter (@opengovscot) To enhance relationships with stakeholders and partners and increase visibility of the Open Government and SDG brands -     Aim for tweets each day. 

-     Use of schedule function to maintain activity throughout week.

-     Take advantage of relevant conferences and events to increase followers and disseminate message to active groups

-     Live updates through project events  

Open Govt Wiki Site To openly record and monitor project progress -  

-     Wiki will provide the primary information site for the project, and will be an interactive resource for the project's overall development. This is a collaborative site maintained by SCVO under a Creative Commons CCL license.

Scottish Government Website
Press Third Force News To promote specific hot topics related to government delivery e.g. privacy, corruption, transparency and their connection to the sector -     Promoting Open Government events, topics through editorials and comment pieces connected to relevant/live issues.


In development

Engagement activity

Stage One: Input into engagement and governance (Jan - Mar)

Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Complete Comments
1 OGP Action Plan Sub-group meeting – OGP Governance in Scotland Fri 12th January – Edinburgh MTC
  • Develop proposal on OGP Governance
  • Co-developing governance with ScotGov
  • Attended by Emma H, Kaela S, Elric H, Alex S, Paul 
Emma Harvey / Paul Bradley COMPLETE
  • Draft proposal to be circulated
  • Mid-late January timeline
2 Fire Starter Festival – when Open Government met co-production… Thu 1st February 10:30 – 12:30

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

  • Opportunity to learn from the process of developing the first plan, and help shape the process this time round.
  • Open to everyone with an interest in open government or co-production
Emma Harvey COMPLETE
3 Governance proposals circulated to OpenGovScot Network for feedback w/c 12th February – 26th February
  • Draft proposal circulated to members of the network for feedback.
Paul Bradley/Emma Harvey COMPLETE
  • Overall feedback was positive but a few issues fed back.
  • A paper with input will be pulled together and shared online.
4 Mobilisation plan input from Network’s Action-Plan sub-group. Wednesday 28th February - 3pm - 4:30pm
  • Meeting between Government and members of the group to discuss action plan engagement process, next steps, and responsibilities
Paul Bradley/Emma Harvey IN PROGRESS
4 Meeting of existing OGP Steering Group to discuss engagement and governance 13.00 – 15.00, 23 March 2018

2 West Rear, St Andrews House, Edinburgh


1.   2017 Action Plan 

a.   self reporting 

b.   continuous monitoring of unfinished commitments

c.    UK plan commitment – Ministerial meeting

2.   Future Governance 

a.   Draft Articles of Governance

b.   Government Steering Group membership

3.   2018 – 2020 Plan

a.   Engagement

b.   Priorities

4.   SG Executive team discussion

Emma Harvey IN PROGRESS Agenda circulated and date confirmed.
5 Civil society nomination process Monday 26th March - Friday 6th April 2018
  • Members of Scotland's Open Government Network will have two working weeks to submit their nominations to join the new OGP multi-stakeholder forum.
Paul Bradley Draft process currently being developed w/c 26th February 2018
6 Civil society election process Monday 9th April - Friday 20th April 2018
  • If move than 8 nominations are received, members of Scotland's Open Government Network will have two working weeks to vote for who they would like to join the new OGP multi-stakeholder forum, using the Borda Count methodology.
Paul Bradley " "

Stage Two: Raising awareness (Feb - Mar)

Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Complete Comments
1 Twitter Graphics w/c 29th January To promote next steps with for both Scotland’s first and second OpenGov Action Plans. Paul COMPLETE
2 Next Steps Communications w/c 26th February To promote changes to Scotland’s OGP Governance and timescale for developing next action plan. Paul/Emma IN PROGRESS
2.a Blog w/c 26th February Joint blog between ScotGov and Network Paul IN PROGRESS
2.b Newsletter entry w/c 26th February Newsletter via Network - next steps, what do you need to support us, what else should we consider, info on 'host your own event' pack Paul/Emma IN PROGRESS
3 Comms/Social media pack w/c 5th March For partner organisations to share information about Scotland’s second OpenGov Action Plan. Paul
4 TFN interview/blog on outcomes from first action plan (possible wider interest) w/c 1st April Paul Bradley

Stage Three: Input into Scottish Action Plan (Mar - May)

Core activities
Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Comments
1 Host your own workshop - collaborator pack developed w/c 5th March 2018 Tools for organizations to host their own crowdsourcing workshops to feed into the development of OpenGov Action Plan. Emma Harvey/Paul Bradley
2 Action Plan Workshops April 2018 Engagement events across Scotland during March/April Emma Harvey
2.a Event One: Date TBC
2.b Event Two: Date TBC
2.c Event Three: Date TBC
2.d Event Four: Date TBC
2.e Event Five: Date TBC
2.f Event Six: Date TBC
2.g Event Seven: See stage four
3 Online contributors platform (Ideas - Dialogue) Chris
Other activities
Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Comments
1 UK Wide ‘Reimagine Democracy Conference’ 15th March 2018, Belfast and online via live stream Paul Bradley How can we use online aspects to promote Scottish plan and ideas?
1.a Satellite event with Young Women’s Movement 15th March, Edinburgh Ruth Boyle
1.b Satellite event with IDEAS Young Citizens Advocates group 15th March,


Allan Young
2 Mapping of existing input and external resources w/c 5th March 2018 Collating relevant information on themes and commitments to avoid fatigue of same questions. Paul Bradley / Emma Harvey
3 OGP Summit meeting (hosted by Scottish Government) w/c 9th April 2018 UK wide summit hosted by the Scottish Government (more details to follow) Emma Harvey
4 Our Democracy Impact Event and Reports (ERS Scotland) 21st April 2018 Initial conversation from Alice at ERS Scotland about linking up with their campaign. Need to consider further Paul Bradley
5 UK wide UK Gov/Network event in London - Unconference for UK Action Plan June Scotland feeding into UK wide OpenGov Action Plan

Stage Four: Co-creating Commitments (April - May)

Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Comments

Stage Five: Government Approval (May)

Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Comments

Stage Six: Launch of OGP Action Plan (July)

Activity Date/Time/Location Activity description Responsibility Comments
1 Tbilisi Summit, Georgia 17-19th July 2018
1.a Scottish Government / Scottish Open Government Network event at Tbilisi Summit
1.b Open Government Pioneers Project Submission to Tbilisi Summit

Delivery Team Planner


Task Name Deadline Person Responsible Notes Completed
Explore Dig opportunities - ScotGov February 2018 Emma Harvey Possible involvement of Chris Connolly at ScotGov Completed
Meeting of OGN/ScotGov Monday 26th Feb Paul Bradley Collaborative meeting to discuss next steps and responsibilities Completed
Set up planning page on wiki Friday 2nd March Paul Bradley New planning page with information about process Completed
Procurement for workshops Emma Harvey Establish process for procuring facilitators for the Scotland wide events
Newsletter sent to network Friday 9th March Paul Bradley With input from Emma - process, next steps, narrative, how to support
Joint blog to use on various sites Friday 9th March Paul Bradley As above
Meeting to review previous input Friday 9th March Emma Harvey With Emma Harvey and Paul Bradley - possible Action Plan group
Edit and add to planning wiki Weds 7th March Elric, Emma, Chris Developing the process before mail out to network and wider promo
Share previous input (2016) Friday 2nd March Paul Bradley Circulate to Action Plan Sub-group and ScotGov
Mapping of key orgs/groups Friday 9th March Elric Honore
Forming Narrative of OGP Scot Friday 9th March All Create space on wiki to start adding to. Everyone to edit
Develop DIY workshop pack

Meeting notes

Meeting Scoping opportunities and next steps for the action plan engagement process
Team Emma Harvey (ScotGov), Paul Bradley (SCVO), Leah Lockhart (DemSoc)
Date  Monday 12th February 2018
OGP Action Plan Engagement Mapping.jpg
  • Write up draft engagement plan on wiki
  • Share engagement plan with Action Plan sub-group
  • Set up meeting between ScotGov and Action Plan sub-group
  • Joint blog and newsletter outlining process and next steps
  • Desk research - what has already been discussed in previous process
  • Explore set piece events taking place across Scotland
  • Scope digital opportunities (ScotGov)
Meeting ScotGov and Scot OGN planning session
Team Emma Harvey (ScotGov), Paul Bradley (SCVO), Chris Connolly (ScotGov),

Elric Honore (Fife Centre for Equalities), Andreas Pavlou (Involve)

Date  Wednesday 28th February 2018
  • The previous meeting held on 12th February was a bit of a brain dump - where do we get started with this? Helpful session to get it all down
  • When considering engagement, we need to look at those who will be impacted by OpenGov and those working in the areas with expertise (two strands)
  • Key piece of work to get right is around messaging - what do we want to achieve, what can open government achieve, why should people get involved - essentially a story around OGP in Scotland
  • Looking to hold a range of events across Scotland, but little capacity within the network and government to take this forward. Need to look at procuring services from facilitators so we can keep a handle on overall approach
  • Events would take place at the beginning of the process - potential to have a closing event that's more focused on pulling information together and creating specific committments.
  • Need to be respectful to people's input into previous action plan process - where did all that information go? Let's re-use as our starting point.
  • Online tools to be used to link up to any events, as well as during engagement process - Ideas (dialogue) one option. Chris to explore further with us when we have a clearer approach.
  • Vital we close the feedback loop
  • Further consideration needed of how Scotland will also feed into UK Open Government Action Plan.
  • Write newsletter and joint blog
  • Create new wiki page and update with new content
  • Mapping on organisations and group that should be connected
  • Form the narrative around open government in Scotland - why?
  • Continue with planning for events - procurement process for hosts/faciliators
  • Set up meeting to review previous inputs during 2016 crowdsourcing
  • Review links to fairer Scotland online approach

The value of OGP Scotland

What frustrates people about government?

What would people like to see from government?

What are the features of open government action plan that reduce these frustrations and maximise what people would like to see from government?

What specific benefits does the action plan bring?

What examples and experiences are there that support this narrative?

Why should people get involved and care?

2016/17 input (Previous action plan)

Past meeting notes

Draft Scottish Commitments for the UK National Action Plan (January 2016)

Scottish Civil Society Network workshop notes (April 2016)

Scottish Civil Society Network workshop notes (September 2016)

Scottish Civil Society Network workshop notes (April 2017)

Scottish Civil Society Network workshop notes (June 2017)

Scottish Civil Society Network workshop notes (November 2017)

Past mapping exercise

Enabling open government

Before we can act to create a more open government in Scotland, we need to work out the mechanism we can use to put our ideas into action.

Enabling commitments need to be short, sharp and realistic. Here are the proposals that have already been discussed:

  1. Commit to developing a framework to link together the Scottish Action plan for human rights, the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals so we can understand our international obligations and our performance.
  2. Commit to improving financial information and developing a framework for increasing transparency in the process of financial decisions making
  3. Commit to greater citizen participation – where people can shape their public services, collectively have more control over their lives and get involved in a movement to secure greater openness in decisions that affect them.
  4. Commit to implementing the Fairer Scotland action plan founded on dignity and respect to all people
  5. Commit to work in partnership with stakeholders and citizens to make it possible for 1% of local council budgets to be decided deliberatively by the people directly affected through participatory budgeting

Using open government

These are the sort of actions we can take using an open government where we can make a real difference in Scotland. The kinds of actions we may want to include in a future plan.

The list below follows the framework set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals to give an international perspective and links to issues that affect our everyday lives.

Action plan proposals for Scotland
What? (Themes) Link to UN SDGs[1] Acting openly (transparency) Acting with integrity (accountability) Acting with us (participation) Lead organisations
Social justice <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>1.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Implement Fairer Scotland Action Plan

Publish annual report on Courts and Tribunals

Open the court data system to public scrutiny
Food poverty <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>2.jpg</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Sustainable food production? Strong anti-food poverty strand in Fairer Scotland Action Plan?
Health and care <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>3.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Develop the Health and Social Care Data Integration and Intelligence Platform

Citizens and Third Sector Organisations work to determine the H&SC data sets they need for their lives and operations.

Civic Society obtain data sets from NHS and IJBs as and when needed to plan services and collaborate with Scottish approach.

Academics work with Third Sector to determine data sets needed from NHS and IJBs.

Test approaches to develop greater ownership by citizens of their data. Civic society in Scotland work to create person centred services with organisations based on citizens Scottish approach. Citizens design the new Scottish Social Security System, and work on, consider and present the Options Appraisals e.g. Minimum Income ; Citizens Basic Income ; new SSSS design.

Collaborative Scottish approach to Data Sets e.g. Primary Care ; Third Sector ; Care and a Plan to build and publish.

Quality education <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>4.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Deliver active involvement of children and young people in the work of government

Improved citizen engagement in digital development

Gender equality <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>5.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline>
Planning amenities <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>6.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Open Contracting Strategy

Public bodies will publish contract award information

Adopt international interoperability standard for public procurement Travelling Scottish cabinet (ministers) to engage communities across Scotland
Energy poverty <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>7.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline>
An economy for all <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>8.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Fair Work Convention
Industry and infrastructure <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>9.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Progress lobbying transparency provisions Publish a register of controlling interests in owners and tenants of land Launch open data platform for Government stats
Reducing inequalities (social, geographical and digital) <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>10.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> User centered standards for digital engagement
Planning public services <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>11.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Promote National Standards of Community Engagement Implementation of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Participatory budgeting

Open government grants data

Reusing and recycling <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>12.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline>
Climate action <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>13.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Robust (Third Report) on Proposals and Policies towards a Low Carbon Scotland
Protecting our natural environment <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>14.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>15.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline>
Responsive public institutions <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>16.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Counter Fraud and Anti-Corruption measures Extend and remove statutory barriers to Freedom of Information Scotland Act Improved presentation of Financial Information
Better joint working between institutions and sectors <figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline><figure-inline>16.png</figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline></figure-inline> Proactive web publication of government research and data Development of a robust framework to align NPF measures, Sustainable Development Goals and SNAP to track progress an improve outcomes Improve citizen participation in policy development
  1. Licensing for UN Sustainable Development Goal icons are with respect to UN Communication guidelines available at
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