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This is a space to openly establish and manage a forum for people and organisations interested and committed in developing the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) movement in Scotland. It has been set up to build openness around the process of building the movement for individual people and civil society who want to progress the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Scottish Context.

The forum can be accessed at

Initial purpose of this planning space

  • Share info about what each of us are doing/planning with regards the SDGs
  • Seek input to the new website in development (funded by Big Lottery and implemented by SCVO) which aims to raise awareness of the SDGs in Scotland, share inspiring stories around Scotland's implementation (domestic and international) and encourage sustained governmental commitment.
  • Share views on how best to take this discussion forward - the formal 'post 2015 group' seems to have fizzled somewhat
  • Think about how best to encourage government and wider civil society to move meaningfully forwards on the SDGs

Current status

This page and the initial content has been set up by Ruchir Shah and Paul Bradley (staff at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations) on 7th April 2017 as a starting framework to prompt contributions to develop a more coordinated discussion, decisions and movement that can mobilise people around the Sustainable Development Goals. This is an open wiki that anyone can edit and add or remove content

Next steps

  • TBC

How to get involved

Development Phases

Localising the Sustainable Development Goals


  • Big challenge is how we localise the goals to Scotland at this stage.
  • Some concern with using Global Goals for Sustainable Development, but also unsure about Sustainable Development Goals. Tested both terms with new audiences and neither names were considered favourable.
  • Discussions keep coming back to SCOTLAND’s GOALS for Sustainable Development.
  • Suggested next step is to look at the methods used by Baltimore to localise the goals and turn a high-level framework into something meaningful in Scotland. They had the support of the UN and it’s a recommended approach for cities/states to localise the goals. 
  • The initial stage would involve some minimal design work to change the branding slightly, as Baltimore have done.
  • Once this is in place, the network will be better positioned to talk about ‘Scotland’s Goals’ as opposed to a global framework that doesn’t always come across as relevant

Forum Communications

Communications Plan

Why do we want to communicate with these audiences?  (What’s the purpose?)

Phase One Phase Two Phase Three

Who do we want to communicate it to?  (Who’s the audience?)

Phase One Phase Two Phase Three

What do you want to communicate?  (What’s the message?)

Phase One Phase Two Phase Three

How do we want to communicate it?  (What communication channels can we use?)

Phase One Phase Two Phase Three

Who should we contact and what should we do in order to use those channels?  (How will we distribute the message?)

Phase One Phase Two Phase Three

Communications Tracker

This is a space to record communications that are sent out from or on behalf of the Network. This plan will help the network to monitor outreach and identify where there are gaps in the Network's activity.

Communications Activity
Date Information Sender/Attendees Recipients (if applicable) Notes
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