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Established partners

Organisational partner What we are aiming to achieve through this initiative Contribution Responsbility
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Civil society: to increase awareness and understanding of open government across existing civil society networks and actively engage them in progressing open government in Scotland, building on the spotlight presented by Scotland's Open Government Pioneer status

Wider society: to increase interest and mobilise more engaged citizens to come together and make use of open government approaches to realise progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

To strengthen Scotland's civil society's connections with best practice and networks in other countries in order to increase the pool of knowledge and tools available to open government campaigns in Scotland.

Coordination of Scottish OpenGov civil society network

Overall coordination of civil society pioneer project

Lead body supporting Opengov civil society in Scotland and represented on UK Open Government Civil Society steering group
Northern Ireland Environment Link Developing a knowledge about and a vision for open government through workshops, seminars and events

Engaging with decision makers to help deliver a more open, transparent and accountable government that empowers citizens to shape decisions that impact on their lives

Coordination of Northern Ireland OpenGov civil society network

Coordination of UK open government civil society conference

NI Environment Link is secretariat to the NI Open Government Network; and is represented on UK Open Government Civil Society steering group. The secretariat was appointed to provide practical, technical and human resource support to the NI Open Government Steering Committee and members of the Network
Wales Council for Voluntary Action Civil society: to increase awareness and understanding of open government across existing civil society networks and actively engage them in progressing open government in Wales

Welsh Government: increase understanding of and commitment to open government; Welsh Government puts actions into place that will increase open government in practice, particularly via its Open Government Action Plan and delivery of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act

National Assembly: increase understanding and support for open government; National Assembly to demonstrate open approaches through its work, particularly to involve citizens and civil society in the National Assembly’s scrutiny of delivery against the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act  

Co-ordination of the Welsh civil society Open Government Partnership (WCVA and Electoral Reform Society Cymru)

Co-ordination of civil society contribution to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act which reflects the SDGs

Lead body supporting Opengov civil society in Wales
Involve Continue to expand the UK Open Government Network to involve civil society organisations working on issues beyond governance

Secure commitments from the UK government to open government reforms that contribute to SDGs beyond SDG16

Support learning across nations and the development of strong sub-national Open Government Networks

Supporting international learning, drawing on the experience of international partners through the OGP and sharing our learning

Co-ordination and continued development of UK Open Government Civil Society Network and steering group

Providing support, as required, to development of devolved networks

Hosting information website and forums for all UK home nations

Providing point of contact with international OGP and partners

Lead body supporting the UK civil society network and open government in England
Democratic Society UK Facilitation and expertise on developing open participation methods Leading organisation working on democratic participation and represented on UK Open Government Civil Society steering group
Network for International Development Organisations Scotland Monitoring and analysis of Scotland's commitment to sustainable development abroad
Scotland Malawi Partnership Supporting the planning and development of the Digital Platform

Prospective partners

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Amanda Heenan AH Development Services Equality and diversity, community engagement and capacity development, mediation, evaluation.
Reka Kovacs Urban Tide Delivery partner: open data training/mentoring & community engagement, consultation around open data strategy, open data roadmap development, open data platform etc.
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