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SCVO, in collaboration with our UK and Irish counterparts, wishes to use the opportunity presented by global OGP pioneer status to reach out to the civil society partners in the other 14 sub-national jurisdictions, to share, understand and learn from their pioneering practice. This is a timely opportunity to bring others’ experience of progressive social change into debate and discussion with Scottish Government, the UK Government and other devolved administrations. We would see this as catalysing a longer term programme, drawing also on the experience of the UK-based International Development Community, to engage UK civil society, citizens and governments in the global movement around the Sustainable Development Goals

We will use the following guiding approach and ethos

Timeline and events

Pioneer status formally lasts for two years, during which we are supported by the OGP global secretariat to develop action plans, start their implementation, and subject them to independent review by a global panel of experts. A key milestone is December 2016, when the OGP global summit of governments and civil society partners is due to meet in Paris. Key themes of the summit will be civil society capacity building and taking open government practices closer to communities and citizens. It is expected both the UK, Scottish and possibly other devolved governments will be represented at the highest levels, and we would hope to facilitate significant civil society engagement also.

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