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To distill a clear and realistic action plan from the legacy options for the Open Government Pioneers UK project.

To identify lead agencies to take forward the action plan.


Date: Weds 28th November 2018

Venue: Edinburgh, SCVO Hayweight house

Participants: Open to project partners of opengovpioneers (see table below), and add to this if you want to join in.

Format: Workshop discussions. We may record some of the content for later public viewing.

Organisation Attendees
SCVO Ruchir shah

Paul Bradley


Date: Weds 28th November 2018

Venue: TBC on registration

Time Agenda item Availability Description
9:30 Meeting of Project Board Closed meeting For project board and delivery group members to review project progress and self-evaluation
11:30 Project partners workshop Open meeting and virtual conference For project partners to develop legacy suggestions for project
13:30 Lunch
14:15 Scottish OGN network meeting Open meeting and virtual conference For OGN network to review position and future of network, governance and future plans
16:00 Close
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