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Join the Open Government Pioneers Project to look back at the progress that has been made to support the capacity of citizens to engage with the open government and Sustainable Development Goals movement across the UK and play your part in how this work is built upon following the Pioneers Project.


  • To distill a clear and realistic action plan from the legacy options for the Open Government Pioneers UK project.
  • Specifically, how we support the capacity of citizens to engage with the open government and sustainable development goals movements across the UK.
  • To identify lead agencies to take forward the action plan.


  • Date: Weds 28th November 2018
  • Venue: Edinburgh, SCVO Hayweight house
  • Participants: Dependent on sessions - see descriptions below
  • Format: Workshop discussions. We may record some of the content for later public viewing.
  • Organisers: Ruchir Shah, SCVO and Paul Bradley, SCVO


Date: Weds 28th November 2018

Time Agenda item Availability Description
9:30 Meeting of Project Board Closed meeting For project board and delivery group members to review project progress and self-evaluation, and future resourcing
11:30 Project partners workshop Open meeting For project partners and activists to develop legacy suggestions for project with a focus on, “How can we widen open government and engage more people?”

Register to attend in person at the Eventbrite page

Register to attend virtually at our Zoom webinar page

13:30 Lunch
14:15 Joint OGN and SDGs network meeting Open meeting A joint meeting for OGN networks and SDG networks to review the future of these networks in Scotland, the broader strategic context across the UK, exploring future plans for using open government as a way of securing progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Register at the event's Meetup page

Register to attend virtually at our Zoom webinar page


Coffee / Tea available from 2pm. Meeting starts at 2.15pm. Closes at 4pm.

  • Welcome and introductions - Paul Bradley, network coordinator
  • Discussion in full group - where have we got to with OGN and SDG networks
  • Breakout small group discussions - see below
  • Feedback and wrap up discussion in full group

Breakout discussions - 1hr:

Group 1: Resourcing and supporting the next phase of the networks

Group 2: Strengthening the voice of the networks

Zoom group: Ensuring broader and more inclusive networks

16:00 Close
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