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SCVO is keen to ensure individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds are well represented in the Open Government Partnership (OGP). To this end, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is holding discussions with the Council Of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO) to look at how best to raise awareness of the OGP amongst ethnic minority community organisations.

June Event with CEMVO


Date Information Attendees Notes
26th April Meeting with CEMVO to discuss plans for event on open government and SDGs Allan Young (SCVO), Paul Bradley (SCVO), Fiaz Khan (CEMVO) SCVO to follow up running order and event briefings.
16th May Briefing session with SCVO and CEMVO ahead of event Paul Bradley (SCVO), Fiaz Khan (CEMVO) + ......
24th May Event: Opening up government for ethnic minorities TBC TBC

Running Order

Opening up government for ethnic minorities

Practical challenges and opportunities for participation

10-12:30pm, 24/5/17

CEMVO, Lancefield Street, Glasgow

Purpose: Our vision is for all people to be active participants in achieving progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. For this to happen, we must first understand what is preventing this from becoming a reality.

Outcomes: A greater idea of the wider context of the barriers to participation, to identify key trends that influence or prevent participation, and to consider opportunities for further engagement.


10:00            Refreshments

10:10             Introductions

  • Welcome from CEMVO
  • Introduction to Open Government Pioneers Project
  • Purpose and running order of event

10:20             Session One: Exploring the problems

Purpose: Exploring the problems with ethnic minority participation and the causes and contributing factors

10:20 – Activity

10:55 – Feedback

11:10            Break

11:15             Session Two: Exploring the context

Purpose: Exploring the wider context of these problems with ethnic minority participation

11:15 – Activity

11:35 – Feedback

11:45             Session Three: Exploring future engagement

Purpose: Exploring opportunities for future engagement with ethnic minority communities to overcome challenges for participation

11:45 – Activity

12:05 – Feedback

12:15             Next steps

12:25             Lunch

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