Approach and ethos

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Overall approach

  • Open approach, using open technologies wherever possible
  • Collaborative approach, connecting existing initiatives, people and ideas
  • Digital pioneer, trying the latest advances in connecting people and data online
  • Agile approach, trying out ideas rapidly, reviewing and adjusting regularly

Open approach, using open technologies wherever possible

  • The programme will be developed collaboratively using a wiki-based collaborative platform, which will be opened up widely to the all those registered on the Open Government UK forums, and through partner channels.
  • SCVO will share openly programme wide management information through the wiki platform. This means that all those involved in the programme, in every partner organisation and at every level, including engaged citizens, will know how the programme is running at any given time.
  • The wider online public will have full access to the Programme documentation, Milestones documents, evaluation information, as agreed amongst partners at the Board. This will be shared in the Wiki, not on any one organisations’ internal file sharing systems (with the exception of backups).
  • However, the Board will have separate access to a closed Sharepoint resource site that holds the sensitive information, for example pertaining to staffing, budgets and any disputes until those disputes are resolved.
  • Day to day project management between partners takes place through the Sharepoint resource site and a dedicated Open Government UK forum, which is not open to the public.
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